Articles from Transform May 2011

Landfill allowances to be scrapped

The UK scheme to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste reaching landfill sites looks set to be written off in the waste policy review when it is pu...

Heavy-fine warning for poor CRC reporting

Organisations that fail to get right their first Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency (CRC) scheme report face penalties equivalent to betwee...

Floor price to cost £9.3 billion

A new report reveals that the planned carbon floor price (CFP) could reduce UK emissions by 5.3% by 2020, but cost businesses an additional £9.3 billi...

Finance industry leads EU carbon rankings

Banks, insurance companies and investment firms are leading the way in reporting and cutting greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, according to new figures ...

Keeping you up to date with IEMA services and events

IEMA members describe a site visit to Scotlands largest anaerobic digestion facility and a conference on creating the business case for sustainability...

The Guardian Sustainable Business Quarterly

Senior IEMA members are invited to apply for a place at the next Guardian Sustainable Business Quarterly (GSBQ) events.

Putting your member's card to use

Members were notified in March that IEMA is suspending automatic distribution of the current membership card; a single act that will save thousands of...

New IEMA handbook

The latest edition of IEMA's vital publication, the IEMA handbook, has been published.

New green jobs website

The environmentalist's new recruitment pages have been launched

IEMA conference 2011: Is your place booked?

Planning for IEMA's flagship conference of 2011 is fully underway, with speaker names and workshop titles due to be announced at the start of June.

There's a welcome in the regions

New members who have come to IEMA via a training route can now look forward to receiving a warm welcome from their Regional Steering Group (RSG).

The state of EIA practice in the UK

25 years of EIA - special report from IEMA will be launched in June

Greenest government? First-year report

Business groups and environmentalists pass judgement on the coalition government's first 12 months in power

All UK environmental regulation under review

As a part of the coalition government's bid to cut red tape all of the UK's environmental regulations are currently under review.

Waste Management Licensing (Scot) Regs 2011

The Waste Management Licensing (Scotland) Regulations 2011 published 27 March 2011

Waste (England and Wales) Regs 2011

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 published 29 March 2011

Climate Change Levy Orders 2011

The Climate Change Levy (Suspension of Transport Exemption) Order 2011 published 1 April 2011

The Renewables Obligation Order (NI) 2011

The Renewables Obligation (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2011 published 1 April

Home Energy Efficiency Schemes (Wales) Regs 2011

The Home Energy Efficiency Schemes (Wales) Regulations 2011 published 1 April 2011

Landfill Tax (Amendment) Regs 2011

The Landfill Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2011 published 1 April

Conservation (Natural Habitats) Amendment (Scot) Regs 2011

The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2011 published 6 April 2011

GHG Emissions Trading Scheme and National Emissions Inventory Regs 2011

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme (Amendment) (Fees) and National Emissions Inventory Regulations 2011 published on 6 April 2011

Flood Risk Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Eng) Regs 2011

The Flood Risk Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee (England) Regulations 2011 published 6 April 2011

The Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Information Appeal (Wales) Regs 2011

The Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Information Appeal (Wales) Regulations 2011 published 6 April 2011

Planning Act 2008 (Commencement No. 6) Order 2011

The Planning Act 2008 (Commencement No. 6) Order 2011 published 6 April

EIA Update May 2011

The latest developments affecting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) including the increasing importance of sustained development in planning and...

Case Law >> No more 'horsing around'

Newmarket Town Council's development plans halted over inadequate environmental report assessing the possible impact on local horse-racing industry

Ethical development crucial to future of biofuels

Biofuels will play a key role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from transport, but their adoption must be carefully managed to protect natural hab...

Offences cost paper company £455,000

Environmental offences including misleading the Environment Agency (EA) have cost paper recycling company St Regis £455,000.

UK public's biodiversity concerns

More than three-quarters of Britons are concerned about the loss of plants and wildlife in the UK, but less than half believe they can do something ab...

UK marine energy worth billions

Marine energy could be worth £76 billion to the UK economy by 2050 according to analysis by the Carbon Trust.

In Parliament >> A tougher target

Chris Davies explains why a hot summer might be the key to gaining support for tougher EU carbon emissions targets

Agency issues new permitting guidance

A new version of the Environment Agency's guide "How to comply with your environmental permit" has been published.

ISO finally gets 14001

The headquarters of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has achieved ISO 14001 certification for the first time, 15 years after t...

US interest in EMAS

The charity CARE has become the first US organisation to demand that contractors have an environmental management system (EMS) that complies with the ...

Guidance on valuing ecosystems

A new guide on how to assess the potential impacts and benefits of ecosystems services has been published by the World Business Council for Sustainabl...

Environment Agency tests EMS+

The cement, food and drink, and waste sectors will pilot a new approach to site regulation over the next few months that could lead to more organisati...

Fracking: the search for gas

Is shale gas a vital new fossil fuel resource or an environmental disaster in the making? John Barwise reports

A smart approach to environmental reporting

the environmentalist reports on construction company BAM UK's online environmental reporting tool

Future-proof procurement

Mark Whitman outlines an integrated approach to sustainable purchasing

Head to head: Does the UK need nuclear power?

In light of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, Mark Lynas and Jeremy Leggett give their opinions

Environment law: EIA and 'end products'

Recent case law may mark a new chapter in EIA law and practice, says Stephen Tromas

My career: Duncan Carthy

After more than a decade at Rolls Royce, Duncan Carthy has now set up his own environmental consultancy to help clients become more sustainable

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