Articles from Transform March 2011

Consent for hydro-electric stations Revocation Order (Scot) 2011

The Electricity Act 1989 (Requirement of Consent for Hydro-electric Generating Stations) (Scotland) Revocation Order 2011 published 1 June 2011

Building Amendment Regs (Scot) 2011

The Building (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2011 published 1 May 2011

Marine Licensing (Exempted Activities) Order 2011

The Marine Licensing (Exempted Activities) Order 2011 published 6 April 2011

Marine licensing Regs (Scot) 2011

The Marine Licensing (Fees) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 and four other marine licensing regulations published 6 April 2011

IEMA Training | Training Directory March 2011

A comprehensive list of all IEMA approved training providers

2011 IEMA pay and benefits survey

the environmentalist reports on the fourth annual survey of members' pay and benefits, which attracted more than 2,000 responses

A profession on the move

IEMA chief executive Jan Chmiel tells the environmentalist that the profession is on the cusp of fundamental change

Earnings by seniority in sector

The IEMA pay and benefits survey 2011 reveals the differing levels of pay of environment professionals

Earnings by industrial sector

How does your sector pay? Learn how environment professionals' rate of pay differ in different sectors with the results of the IEMA pay and benefits s...

The 2011 IEMA survey sample

Details of the environment professionals polled for IEMA's pay and benefits survey 2011

Earnings by IEMA membership level

The impact of IEMA membership level on environment professionals' rate of pay, as revealed by the IEMA pay and benefits survey 2011

The gender gap: Men and women's pay

The difference between men and women's pay in the environment profession. As detailed in the IEMA pay and benefits survey 2011

Changes to pay in 2010

Results from the 2011 IEMA pay and benefits survey revealing the changes in environment professionals' pay during 2010

Changes to bonuses and additonal payments

Changes in environmental professionals' bonuses during 2010 as revealed by IEMA's pay and benefits survey 2011

Holidays and benefits

A run down of environment professionals' holiday entitlement and other benefits as revealed by the IEMA pay and benefits survey 2011

From downturn to upturn?

the environmentalist talks to recruitment specialists about the current job market for environmental professionals

Quality & environment: 2 standards - 1 system

the environmentalist reports on how BMT Group developed its unique sustainability management system

Great expectations: Effective target setting

Ian Hill outlines his four steps to setting great targets

Keeping you up to date with IEMA services and events

IEMA update on the development of the IEMA Diploma in sustainable business practice

FAQs on the Diploma in sustainable business practice

If you are thinking of studying for the Diploma in sustainable business practice (DipSBP), here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

You can now follow IEMA on Twitter

Get all the latest IEMA updates via Twitter

The DipSBP in practice

IEMA asks two former students of the pilot Diploma course about their experience of studying for the DipSBP and how achieving the qualification has be...

Getting the collective voice of the profession heard

IEMA's chief executive Jan Chmiel spreading the environmental message in his latest article on The Guardian's sustainable business blog

IEMA events

Forthcoming IEMA conferences, member workshops, regional events and CPD workshops

Sustainability at the heart of Welsh policy

Environment minister Jane Davidson tells the environmentalist how Wales is pursuing a distinct policy agenda centred on sustainability.

Head to head: Is waste incineration right for the UK?

Two experts give their opinion on plans to increase energy from waste

Microgeneration planning Amendment Order (Scot) 2011

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Non-Domestic Microgeneration) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2011 published 18 March 2011

EIA Update

We discuss the latest developments in Environmental Impact Assessment.

Rarer still? Supply risks of rare earth elements

With access to some important natural resources becoming harder, businesses need to improve efficiency, reports Paul Suff

EU roadmap falls short on emissions

Emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) across the EU can be cut by 25% below 1990 levels by 2020 if member states meet the bloc's 20% energy-efficiency i...

Government sounds carbon action bell

Whitehall departments will have to take firm actions and meet strict deadlines to reduce their emissions under a carbon action plan (CAP) unveiled by ...

Business and public sector first for RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has finally been given the green light by the government, and will initially be targeted mainly at big heat users i...

MEPs adopt stricter WEEE targets

MEPs have backed higher targets for collecting, recycling and reusing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in their first reading of the r...

£550 million on offer from Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust has joined with Siemens to launch a new "green" finance deal worth £550 million to UK businesses over the next three years.

GHG reporting crucial to energy efficiency

The introduction of mandatory greenhouse-gas (GHG) reporting for large companies from 2012 would help reduce substantially the £6 billion that UK busi...

Six substances face REACH ban

Six substances of very high concern (SVHC) will be banned within the next three to five years under the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisat...

Reducing waste could save Scottish firms £2.36 billion

Scottish companies could save a cumulative £2.36 billion annually by implementing no-cost and low-cost measures to use resources more efficiently, say...

Management flaws responsible for Buncefield oil depot disaster in 2005

Management failings were the root cause of Britain's most costly industrial disaster, according to a new report from the Health and Safety Executive a...

Defra's rolling review of its regulation

Defra is exploring the potential for standards and certification to play a larger role in waste regulation and enforcement, and reduce the "burden" im...

Acorn scheme to continue despite new standard

IEMA has confirmed that its Acorn scheme will continue despite the recent publication of ISO 14005:2010, which is similarly designed to help organisat...

Consent for Bristol bioenergy plant rests on fuel sustainability

The sustainability of the fuel to be used by a proposed bioenergy plant can be a material consideration in the planning consent decision, according to...

GHG emissions linked to flooding in 2007

Greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions due to human activity substantially increased the odds of damaging floods occurring in England and Wales in autumn 2000...

Watchdog critical of sustainability plans

New plans to embed sustainability across Whitehall and build a "greener" government have been described by the chair of the independent environmental ...

Case Law >> Supreme planning decision

Colleen Theron and Deirdre Lyons examine a case that provides useful guidance for local authority planning committees on ensuring the EU Habitats Dire...

In Parliament >> Crying "wolf"

Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson in the European Parliament, argues that targets for reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles could...

Fingertip control with EMS Software

In part two of her series, Alison Smith explores the ever-growing world of environmental software

Promotion of renewable energy use Regs 2011

The Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources Regulations 2011 published 14 March 2011

My career: Joe Somevi

Joe Somevi's describes how showing the financial benefits of environmental management has been key in his successful career

Renewable energy sources guarantees Regs (NI) 2011

The Electricity (Guarantees of Origin of Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011 published...

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