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Across a range of levels, be that regionally, nationally or internationally politicians are taking some of the biggest decisions that determine how environmental and sustainability challenges are addressed. Similarly, economies right across the globe are intertwined with the state of the natural environment, with business decisions impacted and impacting progress towards more sustainable ways of living.

Featured Politics & Economics articles

Biodiversity review calls for new metrics for economic success

The world must adopt new metrics for economic success that account for the benefits of investing in nature, an independent review on global biodiversity has concluded today.

2nd February 2021

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Jane Davidson tells Chris Seekings how one small nation is harnessing the power of politics for sustainable development

29th January 2021

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Rebecca Willis talks to Chris Seekings about politicians' failure to tackle the climate crisis, and why we need to redesign democracy

1st June 2020

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Emily Gould discusses how concepts of hyper-proximity, self-sufficiency and doughnut economics could influence the redesign of our cities

11th December 2020

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A new documentary, which follows the building of a road through the Amazon rainforest – causing conflict, fear and large-scale deforestation – has launched worldwide today.

13th August 2020

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Just 8% of UK businesses have a fully fledged plan in place for climate change despite most firms seeing the issue as a top priority, according to a survey KPMG.

11th September 2020

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The UK government should learn from past mistakes and invest heavily in the green economy when the next recession hits, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) has said.

31st January 2020

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