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Practitioner Standard

Practitioner membership makes you part of this community. It recognises everything you’re doing to help make business future-proof while giving you the practical support you need. We can help you deliver on your sustainability goals, with information, best practice and tools to put you ahead on ideas and innovation. You can also get the training you need to increase your knowledge and skills in the field. You can expect to build your influence and connect with others like you across IEMA, as part of the Practitioner community.

Achieving Practitioner Membership

Different people like to learn in different ways which is why we offer two routes to achieving Practitioner membership.

If you already have the appropriate environment and sustainability knowledge, then the direct study route allows you to register to complete the exam and written assessment with IEMA.

If, however you prefer a course that is delivered either in a classroom or through e-learning there is an approach to learning that works for you via an IEMA approved training partner.

If within the last three years you have completed either the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course or an IEMA approved degree then you will be eligible to fast-track your application. When you apply, you’ll need to select that you are eligible to fast-track and upload a valid copy of your course/degree certificate that falls within this timeframe.

How to achieve

  • Certified course
  • Direct route

Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP)

The Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) designation is a new title which recognises the level of professional practice of people operating within the environmental sector, aligning with IEMA’s Practitioner level membership.

It signifies a standard of environmental expertise, practice, and skills held by professionals spanning the breadth of academia, government, industry, consultancy, and other public and private sectors.

You can apply for Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) if you are an existing Practitioner of IEMA (PIEMA). Or you can apply for the REnvP at the same time as application to PIEMA or if you upgrade from another level.

Your Route

Certified Course - Three knowledge based assignments and a written submission

We can prepare you with everything you need to know with our Certificate in Environmental Management. Delivered either in a classroom, through e-learning or work-based learning there is an approach to learning that works for you.

Click here to find out more about the course and how to book.

Direct Study - Online exam and written submission

If you already have experience in environment and sustainability role you can apply for Practitioner Membership directly with IEMA. This involves an online exam followed by a written assessment. Our Practitioner Assessors will review your assessment and once they are happy you meet the Practitioner Standard, you will be able to use the PIEMA suffix.

Click here to find all that you need to know about your direct application, and to access the supporting documents and resources.

How much does it cost?

£308.00* Application fee and year 1 membership fee

£187.50 Annual renewal fee