Articles from Transform April 2013

Damning statistics

Paul Suff reflects on what the latest statistics on the UK's carbon footprint and energy production reveal about how far away the reality of a low-car...

Case law >> Brazil waste case breaches UK and international laws

Hayley Tam and George Hobson, from LexisPSL, describe the outcome of the biggest-ever waste case prosecuted by the Environment Agency

Fish kill will cost chemical company

Peterborough crown court will decide the size of the penalty to be imposed on Safapac after the chemical and packaging company pleaded guilty at a mag...

14001 is 'raising its game'

Revisions to ISO 14001 will ensure that environment management systems (EMSs) offer greater value to organisations and that the environment is conside...

In Parliament >> Broken up in Bangladesh

Chris Davies, the Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson in the European parliament, outlines EU plans to ensure high standards in ship dismantling

Leading firms considering natural capital

Companies are adopting a more strategic approach to natural capital to offset the risks posed by degrading ecosystems services and resource scarcity, ...

Green Deal (Acknowledgment) Regs 2012

The Green Deal (Acknowledgment) Regulations 2012 came into force on 28 January 2013

Pumping station fault costs £22k

A mechanical failure at Anglian Water's Filby pumping station in Great Yarmouth, which caused sewage to pollute a site of special scientific interest ...

Green Deal (Acknowledgment) (Scot) Regs 2012

The Green Deal (Acknowledgment) (Scotland) Regulations 2012 came into force on 28 January

Green Deal (Disclosure) Regs 2012

The Green Deal (Disclosure) Regulations 2012 came into force on 28 January 2013

Green Deal Framework (Amend) Regs 2013

The Green Deal Framework (Disclosure, Acknowledgment, Redress etc.) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into force on 28 January 2013

Consumer Credit (Green Deal) Regs 2012

The Consumer Credit (Green Deal) Regulations 2012 came into force on 28 January 2013

Planning etc. (Scot) Act 2006 Order 2013

The Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 (Supplementary and Consequential Provisions) Order 2013 came into force on 2 February 2013

Public Services Reform (Pre-application consultation) (Scot) Order 2013

The Public Services Reform (Planning) (Pre-application consultation) (Scotland) Order 2013 came into force on 2 February 2013

Public Services Reform (Local Review Procedure) (Scot) Order 2013

The Public Services Reform (Planning) (Local Review Procedure) (Scotland) Order 2013 came into force on 2 February 2013

EC Reg 57/2013 on exporting zinc to Malaysia

European Commission Regulation 57/2013 on exporting hard zinc spelter to Malaysia came into force on 7 February 2013

PPC (Designation of Directives) Order 2013

The Pollution Prevention and Control (Designation of Directives) (England and Wales) Order 2013 came into force on 10 February 2013

EC Reg 35/2013 on chemical residues

European Commission Regulation 35/2013 on maximum residue levels for dimethomorph, indoxacarb, pyraclostrobin and trifloxystrobin came into force on 1...

EC Reg 73/2012 on dangerous chemicals

European Commission Regulation 73/2012 amends annexes I and V to Regulation 689/2008 on the export and import of dangerous chemicals came into force o...

Energy Performance of Buildings Regs (NI) 2013

The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013 came into force on 18 February 2013

Kentish Flats Extension Order 2013

The Kentish Flats Extension Order 2013 came into force on 20 February 2013

New membership fees

From 1 June 2013 IEMA is introducing a small increase to its annual membership renewal fees

Why choose direct debit?

With the often busy nature of environment management roles, it can be easy to overlook paying for your annual IEMA membership renewal, particularly if...

Deadline approaching for students to design new ID

IEMA's competition to find an innovative and environmentally sustainable form of membership identification closes on Friday 26 April

Don't forget Downloaded

Since IEMA relaunched its online newsletter Downloaded at the beginning of February, the webpages have received more than 12,000 hits. Despite these h...

Policy update - Progress on streamlining EIA

Josh Fothergill, IEMA's policy lead on impact assessment, discusses chancellor's failure to meet his deadlines on updating EIA guidance

£16k fine for pollution at Bulldog Bash

Allowing effluent to discharge from a chemical toilet and pollute a tributary of Gran Brook at Long Marston, near Stratford-upon-Avon, has resulted in...

EU EIA revisions need more work, says IEMA

The European Commission's proposals to overhaul rules on environmental impact assessment (EIA) will not deliver more proportionate EIAs or ensure bett...

Regulators may be given economic growth remit

The business department (BIS) is consulting on proposals that would require regulators to consider how their activities affect the finances of the bus...

Study lists adaptation priorities for government

New hospitals, schools, offices, railways and roads must be designed to cope over their entire lifetimes with potential changes to the UK's climate, w...

Firms to test products' impacts

The Co-operative, Nestlé and Sainsbury's are to initiate trials aimed at improving the environmental performance of products

New wind and nuclear power plants

Decc and the Scottish government have given planning permissing for new low-carbon energy plants

Budget 2013: Funds to develop greener planes take off

Ahead of the budget, the business secretary, Vince Cable, unveiled a new package of funding to support the aviation industry in the UK

My career: Jessica Fleming

Jessica Fleming describes how her career progressed from junior biologist to senior environmental consultant, via working in the US helping to prosecu...

Cumulative effects - all at sea?

Martin Broderick, Nick Medic and Alan Pearson on new guidelines aimed at helping developers perform cumulative effects assessments

Thinking outside the box

the environmentalist reports on the award-winning precycling approach used by Less Packaging to minimise waste for its clients

Internal auditing at full power

Neil Marshall provides tips on how to get the most out of internal audits of environment management systems

Dealing in energy efficiency

Green deal assessor John Barwise provides his low-down on the government's flagship energy-efficiency scheme

Can an EMS learn a new language?

Greg Roberts explores how environment management practices can be reinvigorated by corporate responsibility approaches

Budget 2013: CCS projects capture Decc's backing

The chancellor confirmed in the budget that two carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects had been selected for the next stage of the UK's £1 billion ...

Budget 2013: Accelerating support for low-carbon cars

Changes to the company car tax regime announced by George Osborne in the budget include an increase in incentives for the take-up of ultra-low emissio...

Budget 2013: Osborne rolls out support for fossil fuels

The fledgling shale gas industry in the UK was one of the "winners" in George Osborne's fourth budget, with the chancellor announcing that he will int...

Step-by-step guide to EMAS

The European Commission has published new guidance for organisations interested in participating in the EMAS scheme

London applies for 'lite licence'

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has become the first local authority to apply to Ofgem for a "lite licence"

Commission plans for future carbon policy

The European Commission has published a green paper to gather views on developing a new framework for EU climate change and energy policies up to 2030

More successful IEMA members

IEMA congratulates those individuals who have successfully upgraded their membership

Legal brief: Safeguarding secrets

Ross Fairley on how access to environmental performance data could disclose commercially sensitive information

IEMA publishes revised LVIA guidance

Updated guidance on landscape and visual impacts assessment (LVIA) highlights the importance of skilled practitioners and stakeholder engagement

EU cuts REACH fees for SMEs

Small businesses will pay less to comply with REACH in the future, after the European Commission agreed new charges

Commercial EPC fees to double from 6 April

The communities department has been criticised by PEPA for giving firms just three weeks' notice of dramatic increases in the costs of registering ene...

Downing Street wins special BREEAM award

The prime minister's residence has been recognised at the annual BREEAM awards after refurbishments significantly improved its sustainability rating

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