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We are facing a climate emergency that requires an urgent change to how we all do business. It requires us to work collaboratively, across industries and across the globe, if we are going to create impactful solutions and transform our societies and economies.

Being sustainable doesn’t just produce social benefits. It will make your business more resilient, more competitive and better prepared for what’s to come, both in terms of legislative changes and our rapidly changing climate.

IEMA Partnership Programmes have been designed to provide the support, skills and resources needed for your team to create measurable sustainability impact in your workplace.

Every business or organisation should be a partner, no matter where you are on your sustainability journey.

Benefits of being an IEMA Partner

Current IEMA Partners

IEMA is incredibly proud of the relationships we have built with our partners. We boast an excellent reputation among some of the biggest brand names in the world today. Our list of partners can be seen below.

Become an IEMA Partner today

IEMA Partnership Programmes are designed with flexibility in mind, to be personalised for every organisation in every industry. Contact our partnerships team now to talk through where you are in your sustainability journey and what we can do to help you transform the way you work.

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Photo of Jo Watson

Jo Watson

Head of Corporate Partnerships - IEMA

Contact: [email protected]
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Photo of Alan Darby

Alan Darby

Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager - IEMA

Contact: [email protected]
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Photo of Claire Keen

Claire Keen

Corporate Partnership Manager – Healthcare

Contact: [email protected]
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Photo of Carley Robinson

Carley Robinson

Corporate Partnerships Officer

Contact: [email protected]
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Photo of Ciaran Gracey

Ciaran Gracey

Corporate Partnerships Manager

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