How do you show you’re a true sustainability leader, an influencer and an innovator? You become an IEMA Fellow. Click to find out how FIEMA status can transform your reputation and your network.

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Fellow membership

Fellow membership of IEMA is the ultimate indicator of significant professional contribution, experience and expertise. It demonstrates to peers, colleagues, clients and collaborators that you’ve made your mark on your profession.

How to achieve

  • Case study submission
  • Peer Review

How to renew

  • If you're an existing Fellow (or Fellow & CEnv) member looking to renew online, please first log into the website, go to your MyIEMA area, and then click on the 'Invoices' tab in order to select and pay off your renewal invoice.

Fellow membership is about being an innovator as well as an influencer. Whether your entire career has been dedicated to environment and sustainability, or if you’ve made waves in this area through visionary leadership and insight gained in another profession, Fellow rightly recognises the impact you’ve made, not just the depth of your technical knowledge.

If you feel you’re ready to join the growing ranks of Fellows around the world, and gain all the profile and network benefits that come with FIEMA, you can study the standard and begin your application right away.

If you feel you need a little more help and guidance, click here to find out more about our mentoring service.

How much does it cost?

£556 Application fee and year 1 membership fee

£246 Annual renewal fee