On our webinar series 'A Day in the Life' we will digitally shadow IEMA Members, looking at their roles and innovative work within the environment and sustainability sector.

These sessions are perfect if you are a young professional looking in the early stages of your career or looking for the next challenge in your professional journey.

We will be shadowing graduate members, learning how their career began and what kind of work they do; practitioner members, exploring their responsibilities and what their days look like and finally, we will discover what it is like leading on projects and being a full member in different areas of the profession.

Season 3: Environmental Auditing:

On the third season we explore the breadth of a career in environmental auditing by shadowing IEMA members at different levels to understand what are career options can be available for environmental auditors.

On the first episode, we will digitally shadow two graduate members that work on Environmental Auditing. We will follow them to see what is like to spend a day in their lives. This is a great opportunity for students or graduates wanting to understand more about what a career in Environmental Auditing entails.

Special Episode:

Watch our special episode where we digitally shadow two IEMA student members to learn more about what student's life is like and what IEMA student membership can offer to students

In this special episode we virtually shadow two IEMA student members Ifeoluwa Asiyanbi and Mohammed Mohamoud to learn how our student members are setting themselves up for a career in environment and sustainability and how the student membership can help them get there.

Season 2: Corporate Sustainability

For our second  season of our mini-series we follow IEMA professionals working in Corporate Sustainability to discover what is like to work at different levels and in different companies & industries to embed sustainability in their workplace.

In this first episode of the second season of our Day in the Life series we digitally shadow graduate member Laura Atkinson from Peel L& P and associate member Daisy Lavington from B Lab UK to learn about the the work they do and challenges they face as Corporate Sustainability professional at a graduate and associate level.

On our second episode in this season we digitally shadow two practitioner members, Simone Simone Codrington from Willmott Dixon and Ashley Oates from Ward to learn more about what it is to work as a Corporate Sustainability professional.

In the final episode in second season of our Day in the Life mini-series, we digitally follow two full members, Sarah Jones from Siemens and Alison Brough from Wilmott dixon to have a peak of what it is to work in Corporate Sustainability at full level.

Season 1: Environmental Impact Assessment

On our first season we digitally shadow professionals working on Environmental Impact Assessment from different levels of the membership, to learn what is their work like, what kind of skills do they need to work in EIA and what challenges they face.

In the first episode of our new mini-series A day in the Life series we digitally shadow two graduates members, Sarah Richards and Kerry Halford from Jacobs in their jobs as Environmental Scientist working in Environmental Impact Assessment.

For the second episode of the series, we digitally shadow three practitioners members working in Environmental Impact Assessment. Ella Niehorster from WSP, Nicole Walsh from Aecom and Natalie Brisland from RPS group to understand what is like to spend a day doing EIA work.

On our final episode of the first season of a day in the Life series we digitally shadow two full members on their job as Environmental Impact Assessment professionals. Helen Jones Associate Director of Environmental Assessment at Jacobs and Kate Wigley from LUC to understand the progression of a career in Environmental Impact Assessment.

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