The purpose of the Register is to promote the effective practice of EIA by setting quality standards based on the knowledge and experience of those involved in the process. Registration provides an efficient and effective means by which developers, consultancies and regulatory agencies can demonstrate to interested parties that their individual staff are adequately qualified, trained and experienced. The Register will establish a career path for those involved in the EIA process.


The register allows individuals and their employers to demonstrate to interested parties and the public that they are adequately qualified and experienced to deal with environmental impact assessment issues. As a registered EIA Practitioner on the scheme, you will:

  • Obtain professional recognition for your personal EIA skills and attributes
  • Be able to demonstrate your EIA knowledge, experience and integrity to clients, regulators, local communities and other stakeholders
  • Be able to raise the profile of your employer's EIA capabilities
  • Receive all the benefits of IEMA individual members including access to networking opportunities, publications including 'the Environmentalist' magazine, IEMA's online resources, CPD and more.

EIA Practitioner levels

There are three levels of the EIA register: Associate, Registered and Principal


You are likely to be either a 'trainee' EIA assessor or a specialist contributing to EIA projects. Alternatively you could be a senior member of staff in an organisation who cannot meet the currently-practising work experience requirements. As a minimum you will be expected to have a basic understanding of EIA methods, environmental impacts and EIA legislation;


You will be actively involved in EIA on a day-to-day basis either as an EIA 'generalist' or specialist providing impact assessment studies. As a minimum you will be expected to have a good appreciation of a range of environmental impacts and assessment techniques, be competent in the areas in which you operate, and have some EIA project management experience.


You will be a very experienced and senior EIA professional with a wealth of EIA expertise and experience, an excellent appreciation of a wide range of impact assessments and the issues pertaining to EIA. You will also be expected to have led, managed and directed large EIA teams and have experience of liasing with senior.

How to apply

To apply, please read the EIA Practitioner Application Pack, and complete and return the EIA Practitioner Application Form form to us.

Maintaining your EIA Practioner Membership

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a key component of being an IEMA registered EIA Practitioner with a requirement for all registered EIA Practitioners to submit annual evidence of CPD.