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20th October 2023

IEMA, CBRE, and Stickerbook Join Forces to Promote Sustainable Awareness

In a world increasingly concerned about the pressing issue of sustainability, IEMA has teamed up with Stickerbook, a sustainability education software solution to support employee knowledge and skills development, and CB...

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12th September 2022

Recent policy and practice activity

It’s been a busy period for the policy and practice team with a range of activities and outputs delivered over the last few months.

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19th July 2022

IEMA members talk green skills transformation with the Shadow Energy Minister

A discussion about green skills transformation with the Shadow Energy Minister and MP for Southampton, Dr Alan Whitehead.

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8th July 2022

Net Zero Week: what the IEMA community says about net zero

To mark Net Zero Week, IEMA's Digital Journalist Tom Pashby asked people in the IEMA community what they think of net zero.

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17th June 2022

Ambitious environmental targets from IEMA corporate partner Speedy Services

IEMA's Digital Journalist visited IEMA Corporate Partner Speedy Services in Milton Keynes to discuss how they are turning the company into an environmental leader with their new low carbon innovation centre.

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13th June 2022

Understanding Net Zero for SMEs – measure today to make a change for tomorrow

Since joining IEMA as Head of Partnerships in October 2021 I've become increasingly aware of the need to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to demystify environmental sustainability and develop Net Zero SM...

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13th June 2022

IEMA Corporate Update June 2022 - "Focus on" Networking & collaboration

Sharing best practice between like-minded professionals is one of the cornerstones of membership with IEMA - whether that’s as an individual or an organisation – and this sharing of issues, ideas and initiatives helps al...

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28th April 2022

IEMA - Defining Green Skills

IEMA Press Advisor Andre Farrar discusses IEMA and Deloitte's 'Greening your organisation: A blueprint for a green workforce transformation' report and definitions of the terms 'green jobs' and 'green skills'.

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6th April 2022

IEMA Corporate Partnerships Article: "Focus on" Workforce Development

Developing, building and maintaining a competent and capable workforce has never been more important - especially when looking at our organisation from an environment and sustainability perspective. Green skills are in...

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17th March 2022

Circular Economy Member Blog - Polly Gourlay- Phillips MIEMA

Polly Gourlay- Phillips MIEMA has been working hard on our circular economy construction working group, helping add her expertise to shape and design the latest ERO model for the construction sector and shares updates an...

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