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22nd May 2024

With Green Skills Gap looming – Green Jobs must be a key focus of the next government

Green jobs must be a priority of any new government with growing green skills top of that agenda, says IEMA.

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20th May 2024

Government needs to create a regulatory environment and use robust standards for new nature markets, cautions IEMA

Mobilising private investment to finance the recovery of the natural environment provides the opportunity to not only mitigate biodiversity impacts but to create net gain, according to the UK’s membership body for sustai...

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17th May 2024

"Getting Biodiversity Net Gain right is critical” says IEMA after National Audit Office highlights deficiencies

IEMA says it is “critical” to the English natural environment that the delivery of statutory Biodiversity Net Gain is successful in the long term. This comes as the National Audit Office’s report on Biodiversity Net Gain...

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28th March 2024

IEMA appoints two new Board Directors

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has appointed two new members to its Board. Toby Shaw has become an executive director within his role as Director of Marketing and Strategy at IEMA, whilst...

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20th March 2024

Impact Assessment Network Volunteers receive International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA) Regional Award

IEMA is delighted to announce that the Impact Assessment Network Volunteers have been given the honour of the IAIA 2024 award for 'Regional Contribution'.

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6th March 2024

IEMA launches digital campaign to share knowledge and inspire action in sustainability

IEMA has partnered with Content With Purpose (CWP) to produce a digital series exploring the transformative work of organisations and sustainability professionals to accelerate and enable greater climate action and del...

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9th January 2024

IEMA comments on 2023 being hottest year on record

In response to the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) data confirming that 2023 was the hottest year on record, IEMA's CEO Sarah Mukherjee MBE said: "Today's news that last year was the hottest on record is yet...

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13th December 2023

IEMA reacts to COP28 agreement to transition away from fossil fuels

The final Global Stocktake agreement at COP28 includes an historic commitment by countries to transition away from fossil fuels. It also refers to the necessity of skills development and training to tackle climate change...

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24th November 2023

New IEMA social sustainability steering group – express your interest in joining

IEMA is establishing a new steering group - specifically for members - that will focus on social sustainability issues. Social sustainability is an increasingly important element of corporate reporting, with the recentl...

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28th September 2023

IEMA comments on State of Nature report

In response to the new State of Nature report, Ben Goodwin, director of policy and public affairs at IEMA, said: "The latest State of Nature report, which is produced annually by partner organisations including research ...

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