What will IEMA’s joining/registration/application fees be from 1st January 2024?

As approved by IEMA’s Board, application, upgrade and renewal fees for each of IEMA’s membership grades will be charged at the following rates, on or after 1st January 2024.

Joining & Application FeesBreakdown of Price
PriceIEMA Membership FeeIEMA Application FeeSocEnv Application FeeSocEnv Admin FeeVAT*
Associate (Exam Exempt)£162.00£162.00
Practitioner + REnvP£415.20£197.00£127.00£67.20£20.00£4.00
Full Member + CEnv£649.80£215.00£310.00£100.80£20.00£4.00


*NB: Admin fees are subject to VAT for IEMA members resident in the UK

Renewal FeesBreakdown of Price
PriceIEMA Renewal FeeSocEnv Renewal FeeSocEnv Admin FeeVAT*
Practitioner + REnvP£242.60£197.00£33.60£10.00£2.00
Full Member + CEnv£277.40£215.00£50.40£10.00£2.00
Fellow + CEnv£308.40£246.00£50.40£10.00£2.00

*NB: Admin fees are subject to VAT for IEMA members resident in the UK

Upgrade FeesBreakdown of Price
PriceIEMA Upgrade FeeSocEnv Application FeeSocEnv Admin FeeVAT*
Associate (Exam Exempt)£95.50£95.50
Practitioner + REnvP£217.70£126.50£67.20£20.00£4.00
Full Member + CEnv£434.80£310.00£100.80£20.00£4.00

*NB: Admin fees are subject to VAT for IEMA members resident in the UK

Specialist Register Application FeesBreakdown of Price
PriceIEMA Membership FeeTraining FeeApplication FeeVAT*
Principle Environmental Auditor£499.00£151.00£290.00£58.00
Environmental Auditor£345.40£151.00£162.00£32.40
Associate Environmental Auditor£205.60£151.00£45.50£9.10
Lead Environmental Management System Auditor£246.40£151.00£79.50£15.90
Environmental Management System Auditor£211.00£151.00£50.00£10.00
ESOS Lead Assessor Training Workshop only£535.20
ESOS Lead Assessor including 1 day training£566.40
ESOS Lead Assessor (application only)£166.80
Principal Environmental Impact Assessor£499.00£151.00£290.00£58.00
Registered Environmental Impact Assessor£345.00£151.00£162.00£32.40
Associate Environmental Impact Assessor£205.60£151.00£45.50£9.10

*NB: Specialist Register training and application fees are subject to VAT for applicants resident in the UK

Specialist Register Renewal FeesBreakdown of Price

PriceApplication FeeVAT*
Principle Environmental Auditor£46.80£39.00£7.80
Environmental Auditor£46.80£39.00£7.80
Associate Environmental Auditor£46.80£39.00£7.80
Lead Environmental Management System Auditor£46.80£39.00£7.80
Environmental Management System Auditor£46.80£39.00£7.80
ESOS Lead Assessor£46.80£39.00£7.80
Principle Environmental Impact Assessor£46.80£39.00£7.80
Registered Environmental Impact Assessor£46.80£39.00£7.80
Associate Environmental Impact Assessor£46.80£39.00£7.80

*NB: Specialist Register renewal fees are subject to VAT for applicants resident in the UK

What is the change from the 2023 to the 2024 rate for my Membership renewal?

AnnualEquivalent monthly increase
Practitioner + REnvP£11.10£0.93
Full + CEnv£12.40£1.03
Fellow + CEnv£14.40£1.20

I’m a Student member; how much will my next renewal cost?

As standard, your renewal will be £30. We recognise that when joining and renewing your IEMA Membership, you are making an investment in your future so we want to do all we can to help you budget for that investment.

If your University is (or becomes) an IEMA for Universities Partner, you will be pleased to hear that your Student Membership services will be completely free of charge.

If you would like to get some information on how your University can become an IEMA for Universities Partner – which would save you and all your course mates £30 per year – get your Course Leader to find out more here.

We cannot refund any Membership renewal payments you may have already made if your Student renewal date was/is before 1st January, as this new fee structure is applicable only after that date.

Do you offer any reduced rates for International applicants?

We offer reduced priced membership for residents of countries whose economies are classed as "Low Income" or "Low-Middle Income" by the World Bank. If your country of residence means your membership is available at a discounted rate, the discount will be automatically calculated when you apply.

This discount only applies to IEMA-specific memberships, and so does not apply to any memberships or fees linked to the Society for the Environment. The list of eligible countries is reviewed and amended yearly as part of our annual pricing review. If you are an existing member and qualify for a discounted rate for this reason, we will apply a discount to any eligible products at your next renewal. Discounts on membership renewals are not applied retrospectively and will apply for any eligible membership renewals due from 1st June 2023 onwards.

Why has IEMA changed some joining and renewal fees?

With the current inflationary pressures, many of our operating costs have increased and so it has proved necessary to cover some of these rising costs with an increase to our membership fees.

We have worked hard to keep these fee increases below the current cost of living rate.

Please be assured that we will continue to work hard to ensure that we spend the income from our membership fees efficiently and prudently, whilst at the same time investing in new and improved services to benefit all of our members.