At IEMA, we take a holistic or ‘big picture’ view of sustainability. We support everyone working to tackle all environmental and sustainability challenges, from climate change and reducing waste, to driving efficiency and managing risk. For us, it includes impact assessment, environmental management and corporate sustainability.

Impact Report 2022

Read our Impact Report 2022 articles, to find our how we’re supporting members and helping to influence the sustainability agenda. Explore:

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Financial Accounts 2022

View our 2022 Director's Report and Financial Statements here.

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2022 Financial Performance

The market for people with environment and sustainability skills is growing, both in the UK and overseas, as there is increasing recognition in the real economy of the need to tackle long-term climate and environmental challenges. This is being driven by a combination of government policy and legislation, corporate reputation and customer demand, and increasing scrutiny from the finance sector. This provides a strong basis for IEMA believing that the market for IEMA membership is growing and that IEMA is well-placed in the market – IEMA’s financial position is sound with income for 2022 increasing by 16% on the previous year.

The transition to a greener economy is a central policy, and includes a government stated aim to grow the number of green jobs and skills over the period to 2030. We are actively engaged in policy development and support with key government departments which includes: the Department for Energy and Net Zero; Defra; Department for Education; Department for Work and Pensions; Ministry of Defence and the Department for Transport, to position IEMA and the profession as a key stakeholder in supporting delivery. We are also advocating for green jobs and green skills internationally at events such as COP28.

This will further strengthen the market for individual membership, corporate partnership and IEMA-approved training.