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Graduate Membership

It’s easy to join. If you have graduated from a relevant degree in the last 3 years you will be eligible for Graduate Membership. For your degree to support your eligibility you will need to have studied a significant level of sustainability content. Simply provide proof of graduation at point of application, use the checklist to confirm the relevant content and you are well on your way to achieving GradIEMA

How to achieve

  • Proof of graduation
  • Sustainability content within degree

You will need to confirm that your course covered 3 or more of the following criteria:

  1. Global megatrends and their impact on sustainability (e.g. population growth, climate change, global middle class, urbanisation, resource scarcity)
  2. Sustainable Development (e.g. triple bottom line concept, Brundtland definition, UN Sustainable Development Goals)
  3. Corporate Responsibility (e.g. ethics, accountability, equalities, inclusivity, integrity, stewardship, stewardship, engagement, cultural context, transparency)
  4. Natural cycles, ecosystems, biodiversity and the impact of pollution
  5. Environment and sustainability principles and issues and associated Policy and Legislation (international, regional or national) relevant to
  6. Tools and techniques for assessing and managing environment, social, economic issues and improving sustainability performance of organisations, products and services, or new developments (e.g. Management systems, auditing, impact assessment, corporate reporting, life cycle assessment).

Graduate membership renewal:

Renewing your GradIEMA could not be easier. Simply log into MyIEMA, view and pay your invoice and confirm that you are continuing to adhere to your CPD commitment. You will then be able to carry on accessing all of your membership benefits

If you do need any assistance with your membership or your annual renewal, email us today.

How much does it cost?

£143.50 Application fee and year 1 membership fee

£143.50 Annual renewal fee