What can I expect from an IEMA member?

IEMA members are working to transform the world to sustainability, all around the globe, every day.

Their work is inspirational, collaborative, challenging – and essential. Through their IEMA membership, we support them to learn, develop, influence and connect with others. We also set and regulate the standards they work to, and take action if their work or behaviour falls short of expectations. And, when members join, upgrade or renew, we ask them to:

  • abide by the relevant professional standards
  • agree to maintain and build their knowledge through CPD
  • commit to our Code of Professional Conduct

Together, all of this ensures our members are ready and able to carry out their environment and sustainability responsibilities, with the full backing and regulation of IEMA.

So what should you expect? Skilled, committed, supported professionals who work to the highest technical and ethical standards.

I need an IEMA member – what should I look for?

Each IEMA membership grade verifies a different level of assurance based on the individual’s education, experience and role. Therefore, it’s important that you correctly align the level of work and job description for your environment and sustainability professionals with the right grade of IEMA membership. You can get a quick overview of each grade here.

You still need to do your own due diligence, as IEMA members work across the sustainability space and you need to ensure you employ/contract a member that has the right knowledge, experience and track record needed to deliver.

How do I find an IEMA member?

There are several great ways to find a member to recruit or contract for a project:

  • Advertise your vacancies in our membership magazine TRANSFORM and on the IEMA Jobs website.
  • Take a look at our Specialist Registers for details of members who are approved and available to undertake audits, assessments or consultancy work.
  • If you want to give an opportunity for work experience or an internship, you can explore the profiles of Students and Graduates who are looking for similar opportunities.
  • Brief your recruitment agency that you specifically need to see evidence of IEMA membership from the candidates they put forward
  • Your HR Team will be aware of the benefits of professional membership for new recruits, so ask them to embed IEMA membership into all environment and sustainability job descriptions
  • Ask your Environment and Sustainability consultants for evidence of IEMA professional membership before you contract them for any project – it’s the hallmark of competence and will provide the assurance you need.

How can I get IEMA membership for my Environment and Sustainability team?

IEMA membership is open to anyone in your organisation who wants or needs to build and demonstrate their environment and sustainability credentials.

You can easily get each one of your team members to find the membership grade that’s exactly right for them by clicking here, which also features full info on how to apply.

If you are aiming to upskill your workforce, arming each of your employees with the knowledge and skills that will help achieve your corporate sustainability goals, Corporate Membership is your key. As well as a range of support, promotion and partnership opportunities, your organisation can take advantage of general multi-membership discounts. Take a look at which package would work best for you and get in touch to activate your membership.