Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is an increasingly important consideration for those organisations making investments in projects, products and services. More and more, investors across the finance community are prioritising ESG (environmental, social and governance) in the decisions that they make.

The Sustainable Finance Network at IEMA is led by a member steering group, which enables the flow of information and knowledge sharing between investment and sustainability professionals in a way that helps address some of the most significant policy challenges concerning the natural environment, social inclusion and governance to be addressed.

Circular economy


The membership of the steering group is as follows.

Adrian Barnes

Head of Green Analytics, Green Investment Group

Hayden Morgan

Partner and Head of Sustainable Finance Consultancy, Pinsent Masons

Albert Seoane Miguel

Sustainability Analyst, EcoAct

Chris Clarke

Climate Change and Sustainability Manager, UK Export Finance

Claire Cummins

Head of ESG, Climate Fund Managers B.V.

Colette Curran

Director, Arup

David Luck

Former Head of Sustainability, UK Financial Services

Denise Prairie Wright

Executive Director, Boreal Capital

Harriet Parker

Head of Sustainability and ESG, Low Carbon

Mark Browning

Director of Environmental Management & Sustainability, Jacobs

Neal Barker

Director, WSP UK

Tilly Shaw

Associate Director, Verco

Amelia Woodley

Director of ESG, Speedy Services
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