Our impactful Networks are all about members. Each one is a place for members to show their passion, connect with others and collaborate to take control of the agenda.

The Networks focus on topics that really resonate with members – from regional issues to global concerns. They give members the space to work together to discuss, debate, influence decisions and share learning. As the Networks gather increased momentum, the topics and issues they address will broaden to fully reflect the true breadth of the Environment and Sustainability Profession.

Get involved. Join the Networks and grow your knowledge.

Impact Assessment

This is the home for IEMA’s active community of impact assessment members; shaping the profession; leading guidance, defining the engaging webinar and events programme and working on innovation and research to transform the world to sustainability.

Circular Economy

This is where members get serious about transforming practices. It’s the place to share good practice and case studies, help develop tools to assess maturity, and contribute to shaping legislative, policy, research, standards and guidance initiatives.

Climate Change and Energy

Here’s where professionals gather to take action through transformative change. They’re working together to build understanding of new energy technologies, inform effective climate change communications, track important developments and support IEMA’s response to evolving guidance and standards.

Corporate Sustainability Network (GACSO)

In 2014, many IEMA members joined GACSO forming an IEMA Corporate Sustainability network of around 200 members. Notable initiatives progressed, with members collaborating to deliver a 2014 White Paper on defining sustainability, scoping sessions on ‘professionalising corporate sustainability’, events, on-line roundtables, individual and group mentoring sessions. In 2018 the network will be forming a new steering group and planning a further engagement programme for Corporate Sustainability professionals.

Global Environmental Social Assessment (GESA)

Our Global Environmental and Social Assessment (GESA) group leads on improving the performance of environmental and social risk management related to international development projects. They’re working together to share good practice experience and build capacity.

IEMA Futures

IEMA Futures is a network of students, graduates and young professionals who are passionate about environment and sustainability issues. As a network, we provide you with a platform to connect, inform, engage and drive your transition into becoming a future leader of the profession.

IEMA Regional Networks

Think global, act local. The Regional Networks lead IEMA’s voice and member engagement across the UK. They champion the work of local members and create the partnerships needed to support the shift to a sustainable economy.