Working with our training partners to share environmental and sustainability training solutions.

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Empowering training partners

Our aim is to promote the goal of sustainable development through improved environmental practice and performance by providing a range of high quality training courses to make a practical difference in the workplace. There are currently over 80 approved course providers across the UK, Republic of Ireland, parts of Europe, the Middle East and Asia – and we’re looking for more. Our partners deliver a range of courses to suit individuals with different levels of knowledge and work both in person and via e-learning.

Above all, we’re actively focused on the training market while building the capacity and capability of training partners to operate effectively in this fast-evolving market.

IEMA qualifcations and approved courses allow training partners to transform environmental and sustainability practice within an organisation. We can make a real difference to organisations.

We recognise that customers are constantly seeking best value from their training budgets, and it’s crucial that our training partners are able to tailor programmes to meet these business requirements.

We believe our suite of qualifications offer training partners the tools that make a difference in environmental and sustainable performance for both people and organisations. That’s why we want to work with people dedicated to finding the right environmental and sustainable learning solutions for their customers.

If you’re interested in becoming a training partner we can help you to deliver our qualifications, or gain IEMA recognition for your own bespoke training programmes to provide what your customers’ businesses demand.

Why become a training partner?

Why should you become an IEMA Training Partner? Our certification instils confidence in your ability to educate and upskill professionals worldwide. Being an IEMA partner is a sign of your commitment to develop a strong partnership with us and our 14,000 members across the globe. Make it easier to get access to a global market, benefit from increased visibility and support, and jointly market your events and opportunities – become an IEMA Training Partner today.

  • Easier access to a global market
  • Increased visibility to individuals & employers looking for a quality training offer
  • Access to IEMA Training products/services therefore reducing cost
  • Access to IEMA Training professionals to improve performance
  • Joint marketing opportunities with IEMA

Expert advice & guidance

We recognise the needs of training providers who wish to deliver environmental and sustainable training programmes through our comprehensive business support service.

Our team of consultants have many years of experience in the training and education field and can relate to the challenges clients face within the environmental and sustainability sector. It’s this understanding that creates our informed perspective on the issues and enables our consultants to give advice and assistance to meet your specific client needs.

Whether you’re an employer wishing to start up an in-house training department or an established training and education provider, we can help to find solutions, improve performance, manage risk and enhance value for all stakeholders.

Becoming an IEMA training partner means that we’ll work with you and employers to define, build and deliver a training programme that meets their specific needs.

We aim to work with organisations and industries in all sectors and industries – for clients ranging from SMEs to large global organisations.

It’s a true partnership built to last.

Supporting our network of partner training providers

We’re proud of our network of training partners. We value our relationships with both our existing and potential new partners.

Future benefits include special recognition of tutors and trainers, access to specialist resources, advisory support services to build and grow your business, access to funding, a programme of events and a dedicated support team.

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