Why is the Code important?

Our profession works across all sectors, industries and nations. That means the demands on our work are incredibly varied and can change quickly. We can be exposed to ethical challenges more than most, all at a time when breaches in professional conduct can plunge entire professions into disrepute.
The IEMA Code helps us to make the right decisions at work. It guides us to act ethically when we need to resolve the conflicting interests of organisations, environment and society, and gives clarity around what behaviour you should and should not accept from your colleagues.

Abiding by the Code is a requirement of IEMA membership; sign up is easy, and information about the code you have signed up to is open to all.

Together with the IEMA CPD policy and your professional qualifications, the IEMA Code of Professional Conduct gives employers, clients and the public complete confidence in your competence, your professionalism and your integrity.

How Do I Commit to the Code?

Because the Code of Professional Conduct is such an important element of membership, sign up is mandatory for all members. You will be asked to pledge your commitment to the code when you join, upgrade or renew your membership, so you can always demonstrate that your credentials are current and valid.

Sign up is as easy as it is important. Simply login to MyIEMA, click on the blue banner and complete your membership declarations. That’s it – you won’t need to do anything else, and you’ll be able to start demonstrating your commitment to the highest professional ethics.

Why not download this Code Card so you can show – on social media, your outgoing e-mails and your website – that you have pledged to abide by the IEMA code. Don’t forget to use the #IClickedTheCode hashtag when you’re telling your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook followers about your excellent credentials.

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