IEMA's code of professional conduct

Confidence and conscience for a world where professional ethics hit the headlines

What is the code?

IEMA and all our members have a critical and ambitious job to do; to transform the world to sustainability. For that to happen, we must work together to catalyse the transformation needed to create a sustainable future. Be part of our #iclickedthecode campaign- read more here.

What to expect from IEMA members

IEMA members are working to transform the world to sustainability, all around the globe, every day.

Their work is inspirational, collaborative, challenging – and essential. Through their IEMA membership, we support them to learn, develop, influence and connect with others. We also set and regulate the standards they work to, and take action if their work or behaviour falls short of expectations.

I've got a professional dilemma

Workplace problems – particularly those of an ethical nature – can be very tricky to tackle. They can cause worry, stress or even legal issues, which means they are always best addressed quickly and transparently. But how do you do you voice your concerns? Our quick five step guide should help you negotiate the issue, seek support and take action.

Governance and member conduct

IEMA membership is not a single, flat entity. It is made up of a huge range of features and opportunities, fortified by four conduct and competence systems. Together they form the IEMA Membership Promise.

Make a complaint

We hope you never need to reach this page to raise concerns about the conduct of an IEMA member, but if you do then it’s important you have all the information you need to proceed.