Articles from Transform March 2014

Sustainability is driving growth, says firms

More than two-thirds of big businesses in the UK say sustainability is supporting innovation and growth, and half see a link to their bottom line

2014 IEMA practitioners' survey

IEMA's seventh annual poll of its members finds high levels of job satisfaction and rising numbers of 'career changers'

The 2014 IEMA survey: the details

More information on the environment professionals polled in IEMA's 2014 practitioners' survey

Earnings by industrial sector

Learn how environment professionals' rate of pay differs in different sectors with the results of the IEMA practitioners' survey 2014

Earnings by IEMA membership level

The IEMA practitioners' survey 2014 reveals how environment professionals' level of IEMA membership impacts on their rate of pay

Earnings by highest qualification

The relationship between environment professionals' rate of pay and their highest level of qualification, as shown by the IEMA practitioners' survey 2...

Earnings by seniority and region

The 2014 IEMA practitioners' survey details how seniority and location impact practitioners' pay

The gender gap: Men and women's pay

The 2014 IEMA practitioners' survey details the differences between men and women's pay in the environment profession in comparison to the UK average

Changes to pay in 2013

Results from the 2014 IEMA practitioners survey reveal that almost 60% of IEMA members taking part received a pay increase during 2013

Workload and job satisfaction

The IEMA practitioners' survey 2014 examines environmental professionals' workloads and how happy they are in their roles

Professional development

IEMA's 2014 practitioners' survey gives an overview of practitioners professional development activities

Environmentalists are getting to work

Paul Suff finds an improving picture in the labour market for environment professionals

Conservatism and environmentalism

Paul Suff looks at the claim that environmentalists should be conservatives and concludes that when it comes to policy making political leanings are i...

In parliament: Setting European carbon targets

Chris Davies MEP, the Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson in the European parliament, examines recent proposals for 2030 EU carbon targets and w...

UK given commodities price warning

Better resource stewardship is key to protecting the UK economy from the risk of rising global commodity prices, according to Green Alliance.

ESOS risks raising costs for firms

The energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS) could cost companies up to £17,000 every four years if they fail to prepare properly, consultancy Ricardo...

Lessons from the death zone

It was the world's worst nuclear disaster, but have we learned enough from Chernobyl? Becky Allen reports

Policy update: Change to guide on 'green' tariffs

IEMA's Nick Blyth on potential changes to Defra guidance on reporting GHG emissions from green power

EU starts action against UK over NO2

The European commission has launched legal proceedings against the UK for failing to cut levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution in line with legal...

Recycling bosses receive suspended prison sentences

Three directors of a recycling company in Wales who allowed "mountains" of food and plant waste to rot, ignoring warnings of the potential risk to the...

EMS budgets are set to rise

Large companies are set to increase spending on environment, health and safety (HSE) initiatives in 2014, according to a poll of senior practitioners

Interface promotes new industrial model

European manufacturing firms could increase annual profits by 9% on average if they invested in renewable energy and being more energy and resource ef...

Decc aids Scottish CCS project

Peterhead power station will receive UK government funding to help develop a carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility

Demolition derby - cutting construction waste

Terry Quarmby argues that new building products need to be designed with deconstruction in mind

The 'S' word - simplifying sustainability

Infrastructure business McNicholas is generating staff buy-in by axing the jargon and busting the myths that often surround sustainability

Resetting manmade climate change

Injecting sulphuric acid into the stratosphere could help to counter the effects of global warming, but should humanity take that step? Academics Davi...

Nature's marketplace

Payments for ecosystem services will produce environmental benefits, argues Mark Everard

Recycling CO2

Julian Jackson discovers alternatives to capturing and storing carbon emissions

CEOs taking note of rising energy costs

Increasing energy prices are more businesses and their leaders considering efficiency measures, reveals poll from EEF and npower

Lawyers back control orders for invasive species

The Law Commission is advocating the introduction of control orders to manage invasive non-native species as part of its proposals to simplify and mod...

Case law: Appeal court interprets "knowingly permit"

George Hobson from LexisPSL outlines a recent Court of Appeal case that focuses on the meaning of "knowingly permit"

Legal brief: Supreme Court gets HS2 back on track

Stephen Tromans applauds the UK's highest law court for delivering a 'careful, thorough and far-ranging judgment'

My career: Douglas McMillan

Douglas McMillan describes how he went from doing voluntary studies for EIAs to starting his own consultancy business

More successful IEMA members

IEMA would like to congratulate the following individuals on recently upgrading their membership as part of their ongoing commitment to learning and p...

Renewal fees for 2014/15

IEMA members are advised that from 1 June 2014 all membership renewal fees will be subject to a £2 increase

IEMA launches 'sharing your details' scheme

On 1 March, the Institute introduced a process enabling members to more easily connect with each other, with the aim of supporting the vitality and de...

Full membership standard about to change

From the beginning of April, anyone applying to become a Full member of IEMA will be assessed under the revised Full membership standard

Baxter live on Radio 5Live

IEMA's Martin Baxter was invited to speak on Shelagh Fogerty's Radio 5Live show to discuss how environment and sustainability practitioners can help d...

Captured in the woods

Vicky West explains how the woodland carbon code enables companies to offset their emissions and help to mitigate some of the impacts of climate chang...

Captured in the woods - case studies

Vicky West shares case studies of the type of forestry creation projects registered with the woodland carbon code and details of where firms can buy c...

Fashion sector to cut impacts

High street chains, supermarkets and fashion labels have pledged to reduce the environmental impacts of the clothes they manufacture by 15% by 2020.

New £50m GIB fund for energy efficiency

The Green Investment Bank has launched a £50 million fund with Societe Generale Equipment Finance to pay for energy efficiency projects

ECHA warns 46 firms over REACH dossiers

Forty-six companies have one month to correct inconsistencies in their registration dossiers or face legal action for failing to comply with the EU RE...

Environmental Permitting (Amend) Regs 2014

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 came into force on 5 March 2014

EC Reg 136/2014: reference fuels for emissions tests

EC Regulation 136/2014 revises reference fuels to be used in emissions tests by vehicle makers and came into force on 5 March 2014

New website to help firms value natural capital

Coca-Cola, Shell and Xerox are among 41 companies sharing on a new free website how they are incorporating natural capital into their business strateg...

EU agency warns over threat to seas

Europe's marine habitats could be "irreversibly damaged" if efforts are not made to combat the impacts of the fishing, offshore energy, tourism and tr...

IEMA to drive the future of global sustainability body

IEMA confirms it is set to acquire the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO)

Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) (Scot) Regs 2014

The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) (Scotland) Regulations 2014 came into force on 1 March 2014

Updated: Fines for environment offences ramped up

Large companies guilty of serious waste and nuisance crimes will face fines of up to £3 million from 1 July

EC Reg 176/2014 - backloading ETS

European commission Regulation 176/2014 enables the European commission to "backload" the sale of ETS allowances and came into force on 26 February

Heavy Fuel Oil (Amendment) Regs 2014

The Heavy Fuel Oil (Amendment) Regulations 2014 came into force on 20 February 2014

Town & Country Planning (Fees) (Eng) Regs 2014

The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 came into ...

Regulatory Reform (Scot) Act 2014

The Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 came into force on 19 February 2014

Prohibition of Keeping Live Fish Order 2014

The Prohibition of Keeping or Release of Live Fish (Specified Species) (England) Order 2014 came into force on 17 February 2014

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