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Impact Assessment

The field of IA can be related to the assessment of impacts on or of the environment (including, for example, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)), social (SIA), health (HIA), risk (RIA), human rights, etc.). The core aim of IA is to assess and evaluate the impacts of policies, projects, processes and products, to better inform decisions, and facilitate management and mitigation activities, prior to approval. In this manner, IA provides a critical tool for decision makers to make judgements based on sound scientific and legal advice regarding the impacts of a proposed project/plan/policy prior to making a decision on the merits of a proposal. Equal to its role for decision makers, IA is often the process which facilitates the provision of robust environmental and social information to inform and support the involvement of stakeholder and affected communities.

Impact Assessment articles

Advice note on health impact assessments

An advice note on health impact assessments and health in environmental assessments is set to be published by IEMA soon.

31st May 2024

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IEMA’s Impact Assessment Network is delighted to have published A Roadmap to Digital Environmental Assessment.

2nd April 2024

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Lisa Pool on how IEMA is shaping a sustainable future with impact assessment

27th November 2023

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IEMA responded in September to the UK government’s consultation on the details of the operational reforms it is looking to make to the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) consenting process as put forward in the NSIP reform action plan (February 2023).

24th November 2023

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Members of IEMA’s Impact Assessment Network Steering Group have published the 17th edition of the Impact Assessment Outlook Journal, which provides a series of thought pieces on the policy and practice of habitats regulations assessment (HRA).

26th September 2023

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In July, we published the long-awaited update and replacement of one of IEMA’s first published impact assessment guidance documents from 1993, Guidelines for the Environmental Assessment of Road Traffic.

1st August 2023

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Are we losing sight of its intended purpose and what does the future hold for EIA? Jo Beech, Tiziana Bartolini and Jessamy Funnell report.

15th June 2023

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Luke Barrows and Alfie Byron-Grange look at the barriers to adoption of digital environmental impacts assessments

1st June 2023

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