Articles from Transform April 2019

Turning the energy tide

The 'energy return on investment' metric is proving that renewable energy can be as efficient as fossil fuels, says Rick Gould – what exactly is it?

A perfect storm

Derided as 'snowflakes', young people are forming a blizzard of opposition to climate change, as David Burrows reports

The big question: Would a US-UK trade deal damage food and environmental standards in the UK?

James Angel, Rob Percival and Victoria Hewson discuss how food and environmental standards in the UK would be affected by a US-UK trade deal

Current affairs

Paul Reeve looks at how Defra's recently updated WEEE Regulations will affect producers and distributors of electrical waste

Purpose and profit

David Logan asks what the role of private companies is in modern society

WEEE fraudster ordered to pay back £1.3 million

A convicted waste criminal from Leeds has been ordered to pay £1,373,060 for defrauding government-backed schemes worth millions, following a proceeds...

Case law: “Sludge means sludge“

An application for judicial review against the Environment Agency was refused in February. Cleansing Service Group Ltd applied for judicial review on ...

Ringing endorsement for Agency flooding plans

The Environment Agency has announced that church bells will be the back-up warning for flooding in Starcross, Devon.

ISO revises Annex SL requirements

The International Organisation for Standardisation's (ISO) Joint Technical Co-ordination Group (JTCG) has recently commenced the revision of Annex SL ...

A bill with ambition

IEMA's work on the forthcoming Environment Bill is gathering pace, with only a relatively short period of time left before it is due to be put before ...

April 2019: New regulations

The latest legislation, guidance and consultation.

US and Saudi Arabia block geoengineering proposals

The US and Saudi Arabia have reportedly blocked proposals for an international geoengineering governance framework, fearing it could damage their foss...

Shaping the future: Setting the Environmental Objectives for the Environment Bill

IEMA is working as part of the Broadway Initiative to develop environmental governance proposals for when the UK leaves the EU.

Sustainability courses for the wider workforce

In achieving IEMA's goals for transforming the world to sustainability, we rely on our environment and sustainability professionals in business.

Climate strike students gain widespread support

The student climate strike movement has reached new heights after spreading to more than 125 countries, and some of the world's most influential busin...

Northern Ireland asks for inclusion in new Environment Bill

Northern Ireland has warned that it will not be able to fill gaps in environmental governance post-Brexit because it has no government, and has asked ...

The activist generation

Tim Balcon, CEO of IEMA.

Reaping rewards: the business case for sustainability

Richard Carter rebuts the commonly held view that sustainability measures are a drain on business

Business giants join global commitment to tackle waste

Coca-cola, Nestlé and Unilever are among a group of leading business that have agreed to disclose their annual packaging volumes after joining the El...

John Lewis Partnership targets net zero emissions by 2050

The John Lewis Partnership has said it will reduce its operational greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 at the latest, without purchasing carb...

Aldi removes plastic packaging from vegetables lines

Supermarket chain Aldi has started selling vegetables without plastic packaging across all of its Glasgow stores in a bid to explore customer attitude...

Chain reaction

Companies need to take a long-term, impact-based approach when transitioning to a sustainable supply chain, says Anuj Saush

Into the fold: Changing attitudes towards disability in the workplace

Warm words and token gestures are not enough, says Kye Gbangola – eradicating disability inequality in the workplace will take sustained, committed ac...

Millennials call for continued environmental leadership post-Brexit

Hannah Lesbirel reports on the key takeaways from IEMA Futures' 'Brexit: What does it mean for the environment?' event

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