Articles from Transform May 2020

Sleeping with the fishes

David Burrows explores the environmental record of Scotland's salmon-farming industry, and what aggressive expansion could mean for nutrition and loca...

An invisible threat

Rick Gould asks, are ultrafine particles the new pariah of pollutants?

The balancing act

Dr Waddah Ghanem Al Hashmi, winner of IEMA's Sustainability Leader award, talks to Chris Seekings about his career and balancing economic growth with ...

Water industry tackles supply issues

The Environment Agency has launched a plan to meet the water supply challenge posed by climate change and population growth.

Housing development appeal dismissed

A local resident appealed against a decision that a proposed housing development was not an EIA development.

The road to recovery

Governments must build back better after the COVID-19 crisis via inclusive, green and resilient growth, says Helen Mountford

Are trends electric?

Gloria Esposito looks at how the UK's road transport could meet net-zero aspirations, via both electric vehicles and sustainable fuels

Scrap dealer to pay £400,000 for illegal car breakers yard

A dismantler claimed he was repairing vehicles, not stripping them, but made £1.3m over six years at his Westonzoyland compound in Somerset.

The decade's progress diaries

This month, like many, I have been working from home. It comes with the territory as a freelance writer – so it was a bit of a shock when, three days ...

New regulations: May

The latest legislation, guidance and consultation.

From one health crisis to another?

A new report on health equity has stark implications for UK policy – particularly taking into account COVID-19, says Chris Seekings

Leadership roundtable

On 25 March 2020, IEMA Fellows and other sustainability professionals gathered online for a Fellows roundtable discussion, 'Enhancing collaboration fo...

Catch up on our adapting to Covid-19 Webinar series

ISO 14001 accredited certification – changes to surveillance audits and certificate renewal assessments during the pandemic

Webinar watch

Upcoming webinars for IEMA members.

Out of the woods

The UK urgently needs to step up tree planting and create woodlands to meet climate targets. Huw Morris reports

May: Connect: Social and community news

The IEMA community's news for May.

Awards spotlight: High Speed Two

Robert Slater and Hannah Rich discuss HS2's strategic support for sustainable engagement with businesses and SMEs, which led to them winning IEMA's Su...

Air pollution linked to higher COVID-19 deaths

Air pollution has significantly heightened the number of deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic, a study by Harvard University scientists has indicated.

Electric vehicle sales to plummet

The coronavirus pandemic will result in a dramatic fall in electric vehicle (EV) sales worldwide this year, according to forecasts by energy company W...

Business Watch: May

Keeping tabs on what's going on with businesses and the environment.

Standing together

This is an incredibly challenging time and members are rightly concerned about the health and economic crisis that has arisen from the global coronavi...

Record fall in CO2 emissions forecast for 2020

The largest ever annual decline in CO2 emissions is expected this year as the coronavirus pandemic slashes transport use, electricity demand and indus...

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