Articles from Transform November 2013

Ignorance is no defence

Simon Colvin outlines the similarities and differences between criminal and civil law

It's good to talk

Becky Allen reports on a scheme developed to help community groups explore low-carbon living that is now increasingly being used in workplaces

Managing property

Practitioners at National Express and UNITE talk to Paul Pritchardand Nick Coad about how to influence your property team

Building the future: Supply chain sustainability

the environmentalist discovers how the construction sector is collaborating to deliver sustainability training

Building the future: Greenworks academy

the environmentalist learns about a training facility on skills for sustainable building launched in 2011

Global carbon budget blown by 2034

Analysis by PwC reveals that the IPCC's "carbon budget" to limit global temperature rise to 2°C by 2100 will be blown by 2034, with a rise of 4°C more...

Energy efficiency at risk from tax review

The prime minister has announced plans to review environment "levies" as a way rein in rising energy bills, but it is unclear which charges will come ...

Lords reject decarbonisation target

A proposal to amend the Energy Bill and force the government to publish a plan in 2014 on how it would decarbonise electricity generation by 2030 has ...

Policy update: Spotlight on biodiversity offsetting

IEMA's Nick Blyth discusses a recent IEMA workshop debating Defra's proposals for a biodiversity offsetting scheme in England

Air quality failing EU tests

Particulate matter and ground-level ozone continue to damage air quality across much of the EU despite falling emission levels and reductions of some ...

Feedback needed on new 14001 draft

IEMA is calling for members' feedback on the latest proposed changes to ISO 14001

Paterson favours biodiversity offsetting

Environment secretary Owen Paterson says the introduction of biodiversity offsetting could provide a big stimulus to enhance local environments in Eng...

Environment Agency cuts to see 1,700 jobs disappear

The Environment Agency is to make nearly 15% of its staff redundant in 12 months, after having its annual funding from Defra slashed by £33.5 million

10 year litigation 'saga' ends in higher compensation

Thames Water has been ordered to pay victims of a sewage spill more compensation after losing an eight-year legal battle, which has cost the firm £750...

Case law >> Planning and waste hierarchy

Experts from LexisPSL on the Court of Appeal's rejection of a challenge to planning permission for an energy-from-waste plant that claimed it was no b...

More successful IEMA members

IEMA would like to congratulate the following individuals on successfully upgrading their membership:

Graduate award finalists selected

The four judges of this year's IEMA graduate award met on 21 October to select the finalists, identifying one winner and two runners-up from a record ...

My career: Sue Smith

Sue Smith, sustainable development coordinator at BAE Systems Munitions, describes how her passion for the environment inspired a change in career

Landfill (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2013

The Landfill (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013 came into force on 4 July 2013

EC Reg 564/2013 - ECHA fees

European Commission Regulation 564/2013 on ECHA fees came into force on 9 July 2013

Producer Responsibility (Amend) Regs 2013

The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into force on 24 July 2013

Non-Road Mobile Machinery (Pollutants) Regs 2013

The Non-Road Mobile Machinery (Emission of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into force on 31 July 2013

CCL (Amend No.2) Regs 2013

The Climate Change Levy (General) (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2013 came into force on 1 August 2013

Landfill (Scot) Amendment Regs 2013

The Landfill (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2013 came into force on 1 August 2013

Capital Allowances (Plant & Machinery) Order 2013

The Capital Allowances (Environmentally Beneficial Plant and Machinery) (Amendment) Order 2013 came into force on 7 August 2013

Building Regulations &c. (Amend No.2) Regs 2013

The Building Regulations &c. (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2013 came into force on 8 August 2013

EC Reg 781/2013 - fipronil approval conditions

European Commission Regulation 781/2013 on approval conditions for using the insecticide fipronil came into force on 16 August 2013

Planning (Permitted Development) (Amend No.2) Order 2013

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (No.2) (England) Order 2013 came into force on 21 August

EC Reg 815/2013 on aircraft operators and EU ETS

European Commission Regulation 815/2013 on aircraft operators and EU ETS came into force on 7 September 2013

Mud in the waters

Sarah-Jayne Russell argues that to make the much-needed transition to a sustainable economy MPs must not undermine vital messages on reducing environm...

Legal brief: Backing up green claims

With the European Commission set on tightening the rules governing products' environmental assertions, Ross Fairley advises companies to scrutinise th...

Gas: a stepping stone to decarbonisation?

Two MPs debate whether gas-fired electricity generation is the key to advancing to a low-carbon energy mix

Historic site guilty of fish kill

Tree-felling during very wet conditions allowed highly polluting soil sediment to enter a watercourse at the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex, killing ab...

Recycling remit

Adrian Bond on Scotland's groundbreaking new waste legislation and the role of Sepa in ensuring compliance

Bright lights of NYC to become LEDs

New York City is to replace all of its 250,000 standard streetlight fixtures with energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) by 2017

Aviation sector to offset carbon emissions

The civil aviation industry has agreed to develop a global market-based measure (MBM) to help it achieve carbon-neutral growth from 2020

Resources going to waste due to lack of data

Up to 15 million tonnes of waste a year will go to landfill in the UK and Ireland in 2020 instead of being recovered, according to a new report.

In parliament >> Mystery of the missing cars

Chris Davies MEP asks where 500,000 potentially polluting end-of-life vehicles go each year

IEMA calls for action to boost green skills

UK companies' efforts to become more sustainable are being hampered by a lack of awareness and understanding of environmental issues in their workforc...

Firms water strategies 'inadequate', says CDP

The world's largest companies are pursuing a misguided approach to water risk management, according a new report from the CDP

Welsh minister pledge to support green growth

The Welsh economy will not thrive without a greater commitment to green growth, according to the minister for natural resources and food, Alun Davies

14001 certifications rise ahead of revision

The number of ISO 14001 certifications jumped 9% in 2012, following confirmation from ISO that the world's leading environment management standard wou...

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