Articles from Transform March 2018

The results are in for the 2018 IEMA survey

What does a 21st-century profession look like? I don’t mean the tech we use, or how we manage global supply chains; but how is a truly modern professi...

Investors urge food companies to shift to plant-based proteins

A coalition of investors has urged global food companies to shift away from animal proteins amid a worldwide spike in demand for alternative plant-bas...

UK green economy grows 5%

The UK’s low-carbon and renewable energy (LCRE) economy grew by 5% in 2016, with data from the Office for National Statistics showing the sector is no...

Record year for offshore wind in Europe

There was a 25% increase in new offshore wind capacity installed in Europe last year – double the amount added in 2016, according to data from WindEur...

Paris looks to sue fossil fuel companies

The city of Paris is exploring ways to sue the fossil fuel industry for causing climate damage after experiencing extreme flooding and heat waves last...

No silver bullet in NETs

Negative emission technologies (NETs) will not be able to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at the scale needed to beat climate change, scient...

Limited sustainability reach throughout global supply chains

Efforts to apply sustainability practices throughout supply chains are having a limited reach, covering only a small section of the materials used.

IEMA moves towards gaining chartered status

During 2013’s member consultation which explored the direction IEMA should take up to 2020, members called for IEMA to work towards becoming a charter...

Sustainability savings could unlock justice efficiencies

A report on sustainability in the UK’s Ministry of Justice makes for “dismal reading” but does show how efficiencies could be achieved, says IEMA.

New fellows appointed at the start of 2018

The IEMA Fellows network continues to grow, with the appointment of eight FIEMAs during January and February.

March 2018: New Regulations

A round-up of new regulations this month.

Haulage company fined £109,000 for dumping waste

A haulage and site-clearance company in Devon has been fined £109,000 for dumping thousands of tonnes of soil and stone on farmland.

Fracking appeal dismissed

The Court of Appeal has dismissed challenges from an anti-fracking group in Lancashire.

Illegal landfill site owner gets £100,000 fine

A landowner in Cheshire has been given a suspended 12-month prison sentence and ordered to pay £100,000 in costs to the Environment Agency after being...

Arctic changes drive polar bear decline

Higher temperatures are having dramatic effects on the Arctic ice, forcing polar bears to move greater distances and making it harder for them to catc...

Meeting the wildlife warrior, Chris Packham

Chris Packham talks to Chris Seekings about his battles for the environment, animal welfare, and how time is of the essence.

Tired traditions of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy

Madeleine Rojahn argues that the EU’s progress towards emissions reduction is being hindered by taboos and political complacency

UK food security and sustainability after Brexit

David Burrows weighs up the options for the UK’s agricultural sector following Brexit.

Smart energy takes centre stage

Paul Reeve looks at the role of clean energy in the UK’s recently published industrial strategy

Putting data visualisation at the heart of natural capital

Professor Richard Tiffin explains how data visualisation can help non-specialists understand the complex links between natural habitats and the servic...

More to a forest than money

Angus Middleton argues that putting a price on natural capital is not the pinnacle of achievement, but simply a step in the right direction

Career profile: Alex Herschel, environmental specialist at Guernsey Electricity

Environmental specialist at Guernsey Electricity

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