Articles from Transform July - August 2018

Billions facing climate-related heatwaves and droughts by 2050

Billions of people living in thousands cities across the world will face crippling heatwaves, droughts and flooding by mid-century if global warming c...

One in five British mammals face ‘high risk’ of extinction

Approximately one-fifth of British mammal species face a high risk of extinction, with climate change, loss of habitat and pesticides all thought to b...

Solar power grows by 30%

Solar power capacity increased by 30% across the world last year, growing faster than installations of all traditional energy generation sources combi...

Carbon emissions increase for first time in four years

Rising energy demand fuelled by strong economic growth in the developed world saw carbon emissions increase last year for the first time since in 2013...

Threefold increase in Antarctic ice melting recorded

Global warming has contributed to a threefold increase in Antarctic ice melting over the last five years, with sea levels rising faster today than at ...

New IEMA code of conduct approved

Thank you to all members who got involved in our Code of Professional Conduct consultation.

Download IEMA's new report on environmental auditing

Following a programme of study carried out with members, IEMA has recently released its Future Challenges of Environmental Auditing report.

Words with...Peter Watts

Author of IEMA’s new Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce courses.

New assessor and mentor opportunities at IEMA

Those members who support others on their professional journey are the beating heart of IEMA.

"Quote Unquote"

July/August 2018: New regulations

The latest guidance, consultations and legislation.

Recycling company racks up heavy fines

Lincolnshire-based recycling company Mid UK Recycling Ltd has been handed a fine of £100,000 following a serious fire at its premises at Barkston Heat...

Government to consult on waste crime

The fight against waste crime has taken a significant step forward with the announcement of a comprehensive review aimed at tightening the government’...

High Court dismisses appeal on waste operation

The case of Mark Stone, Salhouse Norwich Ltd v Environment Agency, an appeal to the Queen’s Bench Division, has been dismissed.

Natural world: monkey business

Global warming could threaten the survival of endangered golden snubnosed monkeys in China, restricting the food supply needed for the animals to thri...

Quickfire Quiz: Mark Serreze

The director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado talks exclusively to TRANSFORM about his ‘front row seat’ to changes in the Arctic’s...

The denim dilemma

The fashion industry is killing rivers in several developing countries, according to hard-hitting documentary RiverBlue. Producer Roger Williams talk...

Tree planting: Twigging the benefits

Researchers are increasingly recognising the health and economic advantages of tree planting, especially in cities, writes Rick Gould.

Biology Lessons: acute biological phenomena

Designing in resilience to biological phenomena can help organisations to prepare more generally for the impacts of climate change, writes Tom Wycherl...

Clearing the air

Change is afoot in the energy supply market, with the introduction of legislation to control combustion plant emissions. But how prepared are operator...

All bark, no bite: new environmental watchdog

It’s essential that any new environmental watchdog can genuinely hold the government to account after Brexit, writes Neil Howe.

Accepting the unacceptability

As you’d expect, we are extremely conscious of our material impact. From the paper we use in our publications to the water provided at our events, we ...

Global warming could spark 'fish wars' across the world

Global warming is causing fish to migrate northward to colder waters faster than regulators can allocate new fishing quotas, potentially sparking conf...

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