Articles from Transform November 2015

Cyber attack a nuclear threat

The risk of a serious cyber attack on civil nuclear power plants is increasing, according to a study from policy institute Chatham House.

Hundreds of members sign up for direct debit

Maintaining your IEMA membership is important to your career. Being a member of the world's largest environment and sustainability body speaks volumes...

A huge pinch of salt.

Paul Suff looks at Volkswagen's sustainability report in the light of Dieselgate

Climate talks make progress

The negotiating text for a global climate deal has become more balanced following talks in Bonn, quelling concerns among some countries that the draft...

Environmental consultancies advised to improve marketing

Environmental consultancies should work on brand awareness to drive growth, according to analysts at Verdantix.

Energy reduction pays

Businesses will be able to benefit financially from reducing energy demand at peak periods after the launch of a service by electricity supplier Smart...

In parliament: Capacity crunch? Is storage the answer?

Alan Whitehead asks whether storage is the answer to the capacity crunch

Tougher NOx tests urged

Campaigners and MEPs have urged an EU committee to reject proposals by the European commission that would allow the motor industry to exceed limits on...

Limited scope for CO2 cuts

European policymakers have been warned that targets for lower CO2 emissions from energy-intensive industries are out of reach without the introduction...

Defra opens up on 25-year plan for the environment

Environment secretary Liz Truss says she wants to move away from the jumble of "contradictory targets and controls" governing the natural environment ...

IEMA focuses on sustainability

Alignment, culture, engagement and ownership are the issues organisations need to focus on to embed sustainability, according to speakers at IEMA's se...

SO2 and NOx limits

MEPs have backed proposals to limit sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dust emissions from medium-sized combustion plants, such as elect...

Natural capital protocol piloted

More than 40 companies are to test the natural capital protocol, which is being developed by the Natural Capital Coalition and aims to help businesses...

Business plans

A round-up of business news, including Siemens, PepsiCo and Willmott Dixon.

Policy update: Review of carbon and energy policy

IEMA has been gathering members' views on the Treasury's energy efficiency tax review.

GACSO briefing

Value of green buildings significantly greater than their additional costs, finds Jae Mather

#NoCopOut campaign continues

IEMA's climate change network is continuing its campaign of webinars to support the learning of other members on climate issues in the lead up to the ...

Training at IEMA

From January 2016, IEMA's training arm, iemaSTS, will be integrated into the main business to provide a single and consistent brand identity.

IEMA members visit new anaerobic digestion plant

Members of IEMA's eastern region attended the opening of a £5.4 million anaerobic digestion plant at the Stowmarket head office of malted ingredients ...

Latest IEMA membership upgrades

IEMA would like to congratulate the following individuals on successfully upgrading their IEMA membership.

Decc decides against wind farms

Clare Parry examines the implications of the recent decision by the Decc secretary of state to reject planning applications for four wind farms and an...

Case law: A waste recovery or disposal operation?

Emma Lui of Lexis PSL considers a High Court ruling on whether a proposal by Lafarge should be defined as waste disposal or waste recovery.

In court: November 2015

A round-up of the latest environmental court cases.

EIA update: November 2015

A round-up of the latest key developments in EIA.

My career - Rachel Quinn

Senior environmental adviser, Skanska Construction

Powering Scotland's future

Maxine Perella reports on the development and trial of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

And then there was one

North West Bicester is the sole survivor of the visionary ecotown programme. With the first homes being sold, Catherine Early pays a visit

Low-carbon datacentres

Jerome Baddley reports on the expansion of energy-hungry datacentres and how a project in Nottingham might be able to satisfy their appetite yet cut e...

Finding a better way to do things

John Barwise talks to former Environment Agency chief executive Paul Leinster

The scope for onsite renewables

Victor Parrilla on how to account for onsite renewables in carbon reporting

ESOS compliance still slow

Fewer than 500 companies have complied with new energy efficiency regulations as the deadline nears.

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