Articles from Transform December 2020 - January 2021

Sewage providing information on coronavirus outbreaks

A government project is being used to detect traces of coronavirus in sewage.

Case law: Skip company fined £22,000 for illegal activity

The director of a Norfolk skip company has been ordered to pay £22,000 for operating an illegal waste site for more than a year.

Book review: Who Owns England?

Marek Bidwell discusses Guy Shrubsole's book on land inequality in England

Smart living, decarbonisation and sustainability

Cities consume more than two-thirds of the world's energy and account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions – and the planet's urban population is...

New regulations: December

The latest legislation, guidance and consultation.

Raising awareness of health impact assessment

COVID-19 has brought human health and wellbeing into sharp focus.

The Value of Collaboration for Corporate Sustainability Outcomes

COVID-19 is the defining global health crisis of our time, and has brought about collaborations between organisations to an extent, and at a pace, th...

European Investment Bank to become 'climate bank'

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will spend €1trn on green projects during the next decade as it aims to become the EU's 'climate bank' and align ...

GHG Management Hierarchy updated for net-zero

In December, IEMA published an update to its widely used GHG Management Hierarchy.

North West group takes activities online

The IEMA North West Regional Group is a group of volunteers from a range of different disciplines that helps to deliver IEMA's key aims and support me...

A masterclass delivered - biodiversity net gain

As summer faded, ecologists returned home and IEMA hosted a masterclass on biodiversity net gain (BNG).

Biden presidency could slash US emissions by 54%

Joe Biden's climate pledges could see US carbon emissions cut by 38%-54% below 2005 levels by the end of this decade.

China's switch to electric vehicles will 'end oil era'

The world's reliance on oil is coming to an end as emerging markets such as China replace petrol and diesel motors with electric vehicles (EVs), analy...

Different perspectives

Hello, and welcome to the final edition of Transform for 2020, and the first of 2021!

Bulk offsetting: half measures

Bulk carbon offsetting by fossil fuels companies may look appealing, say Quintin Rayer and Pete Walton, but investors should be aware that it cannot s...

Revolving door: The Paris Agreement problem

Should countries be able to leave the Paris Agreement? Bogdan Popescu weighs in

Entering the fray

Market environmentalists want to change the narrative on climate change. Huw Morris reports on an emerging voice

Reaching nitrate neutrality

A number of local stakeholders have been trying to unplug a planning backlog caused by nitrogen pollution on the south coast. Catherine Early reports

Coral reefs: A whiter shade of pale

Why are the world's coral reefs declining, and what can be done about it? Sally Best investigates

The 15-minute city

Emily Gould discusses how concepts of hyper-proximity, self-sufficiency and doughnut economics could influence the redesign of our cities

Biodiversity - the whole picture

We must be prepared to embrace complexity and note the interconnectedness of sustainability issues, argues Stephanie Wray

The rebuild diaries

Are your environmental management and sustainability practices likely to become more or less important due to COVID-19? For 74% of the 453 corporates ...

Finding harmony

Appreciating the ancient concept of harmony and the idea that all things are interconnected could be transformative for the sustainability profession ...

Connect: December social and community news

Opportunity knocks: How might impact assessment enhance positive benefits for nature, biodiversity and communities after COVID-19? Joe Nisbet reports

Quote,unquote: December

The latest tweets and quotes about IEMA and Transform.

Champion for change: Interview with Danny Sriskandarajah

Oxfam GB CEO Danny Sriskandarajah speaks to Kathryn Manning about the need for strong accountable civic institutions and brave ideas to counter COVID-...

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