Articles from Transform May 2014

Bringing BREEAM up to date

Yetunde Abdul highlights the main changes in the new standard for non-domestic buildings

Better foundations for new builds

Paul Davidson on what the new Part L means for those working in the construction industry

Decc shines new light on solar PV

Around 250,000 hectares of south-facing roofs on commercial buildings in the UK could soon be producing electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) panel...

Tokyo named smartest city

Tokyo, London and New York are the world's "smartest cities", according to academics examining the long-term sustainability of major cities

Business plans: Unilever, British Gas Business & RBS

the environmentalist gives a round up of environment management news from companies including Unilever, British Gas Business and RBS

Markets for the future?

One year on Paul Suff hears about progress on the recommendations put forward by the ecosystem markets taskforce

Last chance for the 'greenest government'

The Aldersgate Group argues that it is not too late for the self-styled 'greenest government' to shift the UK to a more sustainable economy

Net positive' future defined

Demonstrating positive impacts on the environment and society is the key for long-term business success, finds a new report from Forum for the Future,...

Committee issues call to action on nature

The UK must act now to manage natural capital better and ensure greater demand for food, housing and transport does not adversely impact the environme...

Case law: Retrospective approval of pre-building conditions

Jen Hawkins from LexisPSL outlines a recent High Court case that demonstrates local authorities can discharge pre-commencement conditions retrospectiv...

Global focus: Germany

Fred Wenke calls on all politicians to learn from the German example of using ISO 50001 certification in energy policy

Death to 1,000 cuts

Richard Walsh argues that problems with regulation tend to arise because rules are often poorly understood, rather than "red tape"

Auditing the human element

The ability to understand people and to establish a good rapport is essential for effective audits, says Shoeb Khan

Legal brief: The safe way to depart

Ross Fairley considers what companies need to do to correctly decommission or close a permitted site

EMAS helpdesk is under new management

A new consortium of environment management and communications experts has taken over the management of the online helpdesk for EMAS

HS2 needs to go further

Better safeguards are needed to minimise the harmful environmental impacts of HS2, the environmental audit committee has warned

EU must act on food waste

European-wide targets, tax breaks and a shift away from the waste hierarchy could help to reduce the 90 million tonnes of food wasted each year across...

May's successful IEMA members

IEMA would like to congratulate the following individuals on recently upgrading their membership as part of their ongoing commitment to learning and p...

Update your contact details

IEMA reminds its members to make sure their contact details are correct

Membership fees changing on 1 June

IEMA's membership joining and renewal fees are set to rise by £2 a year

IEMA 'delight' as mandatory carbon reporting escapes Defra review

IEMA has voiced satisfaction that the latest proposals from the environment department no longer include an examination of mandatory greenhouse-gas (G...

Trainers identify need for sustainability solutions

At a recent meeting of its approved training providers, IEMA explored the worldwide demand for environment and sustainability training, and discussed ...

Policy: Mandatory reporting - safe for now

Policy and practice lead Nick Blyth on the government's "smarter regulation" agenda and the escape of mandatory GHG reporting

Institute announces conference dates for 2014

IEMA announces that it is to host three major conferences examining sustainability, resource management and environment management practice

London signing marks official start of the IEMA-GACSO relationship

After the event last month celebrating IEMA officially taking over the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO), the Institute ...

Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (Amend) Regs 2014

The Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (Amendment) Regulations 2014 came into force on 1 May 2014

In parliament: Taking stock of the 'greenest' government

Green MP Caroline Lucas says that the UK's self-proclaimed "greenest government ever" is failing to address threats to nature or deal with climate cha...

Getting on track with energy

the environmentalist finds out how Arriva Trains Wales is using smart meters to cut energy use and CO2 emissions

Polluting firm ignored own management system

Waste treatment business Eco Oil has been fined £30,000 after staff at its Ipswich plant failed to follow the site's management system and allowed oil...

Mandatory CSR for EU firms

Around 6,000 European businesses will soon be required to report environment and diversity data in their annual reports under new legislation formally...

Foul smells cost composting firm £13k

Eco Sustainable Services, a Dorset-based processor of organic waste, has been fined £7,400 and ordered to pay £6,100 in costs after repeatedly breachi...

Planning (Permitted Development) (Wales) Order 2014

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (Wales) Order 2014 came into force on 28 April 2014

Planning (Compensation) (Wales) Regs 2014

The Town and Country Planning (Compensation) (Wales) Regulations 2014 came into force on 28 April 2014

Commonwealth games flies flag for resources

Glasgow airport and the SECC are among the first companies to sign up to a new voluntary scheme aimed at boosting resource efficiency backed by Glasgo...

Town & Country Planning (Revocations) Regs 2014

The Town and Country Planning (Revocations) Regulations 2014 came into force on 14 April 2014

Smoke Control Areas (Authorised Fuels) (Wales) Regs

The Smoke Control Areas (Authorised Fuels) (Wales) Regulations 2014 came into force on 11 April 2014

Smoke Control Areas (Fireplaces) (Wales) Order 2014

The Smoke Control Areas (Exempted Fireplaces) (Wales) Order 2014 came into force on 11 April 2014

Directive 2014/43/EU - tractors

European Directive 2014/43/EU on agricultural vehicles came into force on 10 April 2014

EU Reg 256/2014 on energy infrastructure

EU Regulation 256/2014 on energy infrastructure came into force on 9 April 2014

Domestic RHI Scheme Regs 2014

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations 2014 came into force on 9 April 2014