Articles from Transform December 2015

Dclg undecided on monitoring under new EIA directive

Responsibility for monitoring the environmental impacts of developments under new European rules should be decided case by case, according to the civi...

Business plans

A round-up of business news, including Ikea, Air Products and Tetra Pak.

Natural capital risks to firms

Business-critical operations of UK companies are at risk due to diminishing stocks of natural capital, according to a study by consultancy AECOM and n...

In parliament

The UK voted to weaken new EU NOx emissions tests, Catherine Bearder reveals.

Pulp and paper industry discloses environmental performance

The 2015 WWF environmental paper company index reveals greater transparency and more interest in sustainability issues by some of the world's major ma...

New guides to REACH registration

The UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum has produced new guidance on the REACH 2018 registration deadline and a revised guide on REACH authorisation.

Voluntary schemes not an alternative to regulation

Voluntary approaches to protect the environment have failed, according to the RSPB after a review of more than 150 schemes across several business sec...

HFC phase out planned

Countries that signed the Montreal protocol have now agreed to discussing phasing out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Fashion firms cut H2O

Clothing companies representing more than half the UK retail market have reduced water impacts by 12.5% per tonne of clothing in two years.

Tackling poor UK air quality

Retrofitting buses with emissions control technology, restricting emissions from construction site machinery and a scrappage scheme for owners of old ...

EU plans a sustainable TTIP

The European commission wants sustainable development, labour and environment provisions included the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (...

Tax reform must prioritise energy cuts

Responses to a review of energy efficiency taxes reveal strong ambition to retain environmental benefits as the central aim of a new system.

Review of carbon and energy policy

Nick Blyth considers members' views on the Treasury's consultation.

IEMA's 2015 EIA and ESIA conference and masterclass

The ever-increasing size of environmental statements is leaving some practitioners with doubts over the scoping process, reports Catherine Early

Impact assessment network update

The chair of IEMA's impact assessment steering group outlines future work.

Connecting with Paul Tebo

On 20 November an audience of leadership-level IEMA members heard an inspiring account of how the right leadership can transform an organisation and i...

Campaign gathers more support

IEMA's skills campaign is continuing to attract support from business and industry more than a year after its launch.

My career: Neil Howe

Senior legal author and consultant, Cedrec

In court: December 2015

A round-up of the latest environmental court cases.

Case law: planning conditions justify the public good

Jen Hawkins considers a recent High Court case over the redevelopment of Shepherd's Bush Market.

Money, utility and the environment

Jiggy Lloyd looks back to discover how economics has been used to protect the environment

14034 reasons for environmental technology verification

With a new standard for verifying the performance of innovative environmental technologies imminent, Rick Gould examines progress and how it will bene...

Design for life

Paul Suff looks at how designers can help achieve sustainability goals

Rebuilding Europe

Robin Lancaster finds out what the UK could learn from retrofit schemes on mainland Europe

Dedicated followers of fashion

Samantha Lyster finds that the fashion world is finally waking up to the environmental nightmare it has created

All roads lead to Paris

Ahead of the UN climate summit, Catherine Early gauges opinion from IEMA members and businesses

Latest IEMA membership upgrades

IEMA would like to congratulate the following members on recently upgrading their IEMA membership.

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