Articles from Transform July - August 2017

All change, no change, says Martin Baxter

The outcome of the UK general election marks a shift in the balance of power. With no overall majority, the process of forming a government and settin...

Climatic challenges ahead

Bob Ward and Victoria Druce on why the UK's climate change policies are unlikely to be derailed by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump

Hinkley Point £1.5bn over budget

EDF has confirmed that the costs of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in Somerset could rise by £1.5bn to £19.6bn.

Financing a sustainable future

Nick Silver examines the environmental and social impact of the finance markets, and asks how would a better system work?

Corporate social responsibility improving staff retention

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) improves staff retention and recruitment, according to half of electrotechnical businesses recently surveyed by ...

Carbon capture technology could save billions

Delaying the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere will add £1-2bn a year to costs throughout t...

Majority of planned housing on green belt ‘unaffordable’

Some 70% of the 425,000 planned houses on England's green belt will be unaffordable to those that need them, and will not tackle the housing crisis.

Air conditioning: Cold comfort

Air conditioning is responsible for the biggest slice of the energy bill in many buildings, which makes cost a central issue for these systems. Howeve...

The Repeal Bill: The challenges we face

Richard Clarke writes on the challenges facing environmental regulation within the Repeal Bill

Natural capital vision for Humber estuary

Investment opportunities around the Humber estuary have been identified to deliver well managed natural capital, sustainable economic growth and impro...

Global CO2 emissions to peak in 2026

CO2 emissions from power generation will peak in 2026, and be 4% lower in 2040 than they were in 2016, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

IEMA formally launches its Global Environmental and Social Assessment Group

A new member-led group focusing on improving environmental and social risk management in international development projects was launched on 25 May.

Exploring the implications of Brexit on environmental assessment in the UK

The implications that Brexit could have on UK environmental assessment in the long, medium and short term were examined in detail at a joint conferenc...

Tesco fined £8 million over petrol leak into river

Supermarket chain Tesco has been slapped with a substantial fine over a petrol leak, polluting the River Irwell.

Planning policy judicial review rejected

A claim for a judicial review into the government's policy for nationally significant hazardous waste infrastructure has been dismissed in the case of...

Changes to your magazine

Last year, we asked members what you most value about your membership...

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