An Introduction to UK Waste Legislation

12th May 2014

In the UK, the amount and complexity of waste legislation can make understanding its requirements challenging or even daunting. Whilst the specific requirements which apply to a particular type of waste can be disposed of, treated or handled and the associated evidence required to show this was done can be complex, understanding some key laws and principles can make navigating this area of law far easier.

In particular this webinar covers:

  • Key areas of waste legislation
  • Key concepts in waste legislation (e.g. waste hierarchy, hazardous / non- hazardous)
  • The EU context
  • Differences within the UK

This webinar was presented by Simon Colvin, Partner and Head of Environment Team (Weightmans LLP) and the recording includes the questions and answers asked during the recording.

Useful links referred to in the webinar:

Guidance on the legal definition of waste and its application (Defra – 2012)

Guidance on applying the waste hierarchy (Defra 2011)

WRAP Tool – Waste Hierarchy Guide

Duty of Care – A Code of Practice

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