19 November 2019

AIR -Life giver turns Life taker

India has been suffering with Air Pollution for a long time and was quite aware in 90’s when its Capital Delhi and Chinese capital Beijing were the countries with worst AQI. Both the countries pledged to control it and adopted measures. Beijing effectively, brought it down, while in India it went up. India has a good set up, dealing in Environment with huge back up to ensure control, has research and Government administrative set up to do research / studies to work out plan of action. Many actions were initiated, though ‘Implementation’ may be termed poor. I suggest few studies to have complete information on Sources, Parameters, their Spread and Quantum in an area. Based on this background, plan & implement control measures. Enemical practices to Environment should be controlled and stopped ruthlessly, any where including in Industries.

18 November 2019

IEMA Sustainability Impact Award Winner: University of Manchester, 10,000 Actions project

In November 2016, the University of Manchester launched 10,000 Actions, the biggest environmental sustainability initiative in the UK higher education sector. 10,000 Actions helps every member of staff take positive action on environmental sustainability and has resulted in the University being hailed as the first ‘Carbon Literate’ university in the world. It challenges all 10,000+ staff to perform at least one action on sustainability.

31 October 2019

3 Mistakes people make when submitting IEMA CPD everyday – and how to avoid them forever

In this blog, Dave Dowson- Chartered Environmentalist, Full Member of IEMA, current Head of Environment for Interserve and CPD Assessor for IEMA talks about the common pitfalls for submitting CPD and how you can avoid them

21 October 2019

Healthcare Without Harm: Carbon Footprint of Healthcare

In September, Healthcare Without Harm (HCWH) launched ‘Health Care’s Climate Footprint’, the first report to calculate the carbon footprint of the global healthcare sector. The work was carried out in conjunction with Arup and used global spending data along with more detailed information from 43 countries.

21 October 2019

Ban beef - go vegan - save the planet!?

In the face of global warming and environmental degradation “challenges” we face, food is a significant part of the problem and, yes, generally we consume too much meat. But, Dave Stanley suggests that the challenge goes wider than a simple change in diet...

21 October 2019

Liberty Speciality Steels begins studies into waste heat recovery potential

Assessment of the potential for heat recovery commenced in June following the award of a £110,000 grant from the UK Government’s Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme.  

21 October 2019

Royal BAM Group's Carbon Commitments

Read about how BAM Construct UK gained the approval of the Science Based Targets Initiative for their 50% reduction in emissions by 2030.

17 October 2019

Cooling by Nature: Lessons from History

Throughout history, humanity has turned to cooling solutions that work in concert with nature. Returning to these roots would not only be good for the environment – it can also help to beautify our urban sprawl.

30 August 2019

Richard Holmes: Am I doing enough for climate activism?

The increasing profile of climate activism led by Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg prompted Richard Holmes to wonder how many IEMA network members were involved in direct action or political campaigning.

30 August 2019

Zero Carbon Buildings – 101

We would all like to live in a zero carbon house, but how is that achieved? Read the article at the bottom of the newsletter for a brief guide to zero carbon building and an example of a new development in Corby ticking all the boxes. Greg Chant-Hall looks into this.

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