28 April 2020

Leading an ecology team through a pandemic

Dr Mark Webb from WSP Environment explains how they have adapted to Covid-19 by created a 'Fieldwork Go/No Go process for their ecology projects, assessing the priority of work carried out.

28 April 2020

CMS & IEMA EIA Consultation

Robert Garden & Ashley Damiral from CMS Law look into legislative amendments to ensure that pre-application for project development can progress through the EIA and planning process efficiently and without delay.

15 April 2020

Environmental opportunities of future transport

James Bellinger (CEnv), senior consultant at Arup, looks at the potential future environmental opportunities which can come from new mobility options and the future of transport. We must plan now to design our cities and transport to meet our environmental and circular economy objectives.

7 April 2020

How can we work with nature to help tackle flooding and increasing climate risk across England?

FIEMA CEnv Jenny Barlow, Flood Risk Advisor at the Environment Agency explores how we must adapt, innovate and work together if we are going to be able to live sustainably alongside the increasing risk posed by our changing climate.

31 March 2020

Online resources to help you support your children’s learning at home

IEMA looks at some of the resources that you could use to introduce environment and sustainability to your children.

27 March 2020

Launching the IEMA Guide to Materials & Waste in EIA

Co-author Tim Danson from WSP reflects on the importance of IEMA's first industry publication to offer guidance and recommendations for EIA practitioners and stakeholders.

24 March 2020

Launch of New IEMA Primer on Digital Impact Assessment

This Digital IA primer is a milestone in the professions digital journey, and the first published guidance on Digital IA from IEMA.

16 March 2020

5 positive commitments in Budget 2020

IEMA’s Martin Baxter on five key commitments to be positive about in Budget 2020

24 February 2020

How to kick-start your career in the environment and sustainability sector

IEMA's Kirsty Peck, Membership Marketing Officer and University of Edinburgh Alumni with a BSc in Ecological and Environmental Sciences, talks about her career journey so far and gives some great advice about starting a career in the environment and sustainability sectors.

21 February 2020

FIEMA Penny Walker asks -Where are the senior women working in sustainability?

Despite sustainability attracting a diverse range of people starting out in their careers, we are still seeing a divide when it comes to those at the top. In this blog, Penny Walker talks about the industry gender gap and what can be done to improve it

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