23 May 2019

WED2019 #Airpollution- Leeds Air Quality Living Lab- University of Leeds

The University of Leeds Air Quality Living Lab project brings together staff, students and City partners to build knowledge of air quality and pollution that informs decision making and shapes the institution’s strategic approach to improving health and the environment. As part of the wider Leeds Living Lab programme, it drives the University’s commitment to embedding sustainability through knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation – bringing together diverse teams to research and test sustainable solutions, enhance the curriculum and solve real world challenges using the University as a test bed.

2 May 2019

IEMA’s Nick Blyth responds to net-zero UK emission target

Read how IEMA Policy & Engagement Lead Nick Blyth responds to achieving the net-zero UK emission target

18 April 2019

Read how IEMA member Laura transferred her passion to profession after gaining IEMA's accreditation

Read how taking IEMA’S Certificate in Environmental Management has helped Laura gain the required recognition to land her perfect job championing sustainability and what changes she has implemented to gain her the accolade of Responsible Property Management Sustainability Champion 2018

8 March 2019

International Women's Day 2019

This year on International Women’s Day, the Scotland East Regional Group share their collective experiences and thoughts on women in the workplace. Between flexible working, raising children, and progressing at the same rate as their male counterparts, Scotland East highlights how attitudes are slowly changing for the better.

14 February 2019

Starting out in an Environment or Sustainability Career- Read Laura's Top Tips

In October 2017, Laura Archer, an Assistant Planner at Adams Hendry Consulting Limited attended the ‘Big Green Event’ at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. There she met Peter Jones, a Policy Officer at IEMA and has been a part of IEMA Futures ever since. We interviewed Laura to find out a bit more about her involvement in IEMA futures and what aims she has for her future career and any tips she can offer for those just starting out in our profession.

7 February 2019

Considering a plant-based diet?

This January is ‘Veganuary’ and record numbers of people have joined the pledge to try vegan this month, with a reported 14,000 signing up on Sunday 30th December 2018 alone. Clare Day from Sweco talks about her decision to turn vegan, her top four sustainability reasons for switching to a plant based diet and advises that the "single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact is adopting a healthy plant-based diet".

5 December 2018

World Environment Day- 6 Months On

A reflection of the World Environment Day campaign, the 6 month on activity, its impact and also a insightful look at the plastic industry and history of how this useful material has developed over the years and the increasing issues with impact on the environment.

29 November 2018

Celebrating the Climate Change Act

The UK Climate Change Act is 10 this week. How far have we come in that time, and where could more progress be made? Martin Baxter gives his view.

12 September 2018

Blueprint for a new Environment Act

The forthcoming new Environment Act is an opportunity to establish a world-leading framework for the environment. Martin Baxter, IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor sets out initial thoughts developed as part of the Broadway Initiative, on what’s needed in legislation to help set a firm and progressive direction for future prosperity.

11 September 2018

Why do we need Codes of Conduct?

Why are professional codes of conduct still needed in the 21st century? Is it just about compliance, or are there times when we really need systems like this in place to fall back on? Claire Kirk discusses – from her professional and personal perspective – how the IEMA Code of Professional Conduct helps her give good advice and carry out her role.

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