17 October 2019

Cooling by Nature: Lessons from History

Throughout history, humanity has turned to cooling solutions that work in concert with nature. Returning to these roots would not only be good for the environment – it can also help to beautify our urban sprawl.

30 August 2019

Richard Holmes: Am I doing enough for climate activism?

The increasing profile of climate activism led by Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg prompted Richard Holmes to wonder how many IEMA network members were involved in direct action or political campaigning.

30 August 2019

Zero Carbon Buildings – 101

We would all like to live in a zero carbon house, but how is that achieved? Read the article at the bottom of the newsletter for a brief guide to zero carbon building and an example of a new development in Corby ticking all the boxes. Greg Chant-Hall looks into this.

30 August 2019

A personal account of Eco-Anxiety and Climate Emergency declaration by James Dixon FIEMA CEnv, Head of Sustainability at Newcastle Hospitals

In June 2019 Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital was the first (and, to date, only) NHS Trust to officially declare a climate emergency, and to commit to being Zero Carbon by 2040.

14 August 2019

The Year of Green Action 2019

We know from recent Ipso Mori polls that the environment is – for the first time – considered by the public to be one of the top 3 priorities for government, and we have an opportunity, through YoGA engagement, to offer ways for the public to take positive action in response to the challenges we all face. Movements like Extinction Rebellion and the climate strikes have given a higher profile to environmental threats and the role of activism – YoGA gives us a platform to translate that concern and urgency into positive action.

6 August 2019

UK Government Confirms Intention to Introduce EPR and DRS systems in 2023 subject to Primary Powers in the Environment Bill

Last week, the UK government published summaries of responses to its first consultations proposed in the Resources and Waste Strategy. The consultations generated a high level of engagement, including from IEMA which submitted its own response along with 679 other separate responses and 34 campaign responses.

22 July 2019

Communicating Climate Impacts

Even if we stopped emitting all greenhouse gases today, climate change will continue to affect us and future generations, with some significant changes ‘locked in’. Future generations are also facing far smaller personal ‘carbon budgets’ due to current and historic emissions. In fact Climate activist Greta Thunberg says ‘You are stealing our future’ (December 2018). In this blog, Clare Day from Sweco talks about adaptation and mitigation as an approach to tackling climate change and how each play their part.

17 July 2019

Government misses improvement opportunities in endorsement of the Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act

Earlier this month, the UK Government published its response to the final report of the independent Review. The review was commissioned by Government and made 80 recommendations as to how the statute could be reinforced to help address the issue of modern slavery, one of the biggest problems faced by society today.

17 July 2019

IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor, Martin Baxter responds to Defra Secretary of State Michael Gove’s speech on the forthcoming Environment Act

Michael Gove, Defra Secretary of State, set out his latest thinking on the forthcoming Environment Act on Tuesday 16th July. The key aspects on the governance framework in the Act speak directly to the assurances that IEMA has been advocating as part of the Broadway Initiative.

14 June 2019

The public perception of the plastic crisis. Is this the voice of reason?

The “plastic crisis” with all its complexity and myriad of stakeholders is truly a “wicked problem” and as such there can be no simple and elegant solution. Read Full Member and Chartered Environmentalist, Dr Dawn Popes proposed approach on improving our plastic environmental performance.

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