From Waste to Resources

Increasing numbers of organisations are finding opportunity and competitive advantage by transitioning their thinking from waste to resource management. It’s within our power to make a massive difference.

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IEMA is running 3 conferences in 2014- 'How can IEMA Professionals enable sustainable growth?'; the 'Resource & Waste Management Conference'; and the 'EMS Forum'.

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The Future of the Profession

IEMA’s CEO Tim Balcon talks to Paul Suff about skills and the future of the profession

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IEMA Sustainability Training Solutions

The launch of IEMA Sustainability Training Solutions addresses a global need to supply vital environmental sustainability skills into the worldwide economy.

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IEMA host and deliver a variety of webinars featuring leading professionals


IEMA training sets the industry standard

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Join the active IEMA community - numerous regional events each month.

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Upcoming events

  • On 31st July the Communities and Local Government Department (DCLG) launched a technical consultation on the English planning system, including proposals to amend the EIA screening process for...

  • This IEMA workshop will begin by setting out the global trends that will affect all business and drive the need for enhanced environment and sustainability capabilities in and between organisations....

  • Leading professionals will deliver sessions on critical sustainability challenges and will be exploring key techniques and opportunities for practitioners. This one-day conference will be a unique

  • In October, IEMA will launch its long awaited Guidelines in Environmental Noise Impact Assessment. Prior to the launch, this webinar will present case studies of the effective assessment of noise...

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