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All Jobs Greener is the game-changer in environmental training. If you are interested in Working, Managing or Leading in Environmental sustainability, All Jobs Greener is the way forward.

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IEMA regularly produces webinars on a range of topics, from legislation updates to Membership and Career progression. Catch up on the some of the recordings now.

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We have 13 regional steering groups across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


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IEMA is the largest professional membership body for the environment with over 15,000 members working across all industry sectors.

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  • This workshop gives members the opportunity to learn about Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficient House and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). The workshop will be split into two followed by a...

  • IEMA Wales has been asked to participate in ‘The Wales We Want’, a Welsh Government initiative being led by the Commissioner for Sustainable Futures, Peter Davies with the aim to develop a...

  • Socials provide members with the opportunity to network with other environmental professionals and enjoy a relaxed evening in good company. These are casual informal gathering with no need to book a...

  • This meeting is an open forum for all members with an interest in the environment, IEMA and Northern Ireland-related issues. Tonight will give members the opportunity to hear what IEMA has planned...

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