The Future of EMS- A South West Perspective

17th June 2015

During this webinar we will be looking at the ways Environmental Management Systems are typically used within organisations, particularly at the manufacturing sector. We will then consider the impacts of the upcoming changes to ISO14001 on those organisations that already have certifications.

Environmental management systems have been around for many years now, many organisations have held ISO14001 certifications for a long time, some since the Standard was first introduced. During that time the application of the Standard and the impact on an organisation’s environmental performance has changed considerably. In the early days of the Standard many organisations adopted the Standard as a result of pressure from their customers. Over time the more progressive organisations have seen the value in using their certified EMS to drive their environmental improvement agenda. The result being that those organisations have developed robust EMSs that add value to the business and support employee engagement in the environment and sustainability. // In this webinar we will explore what impacts the new ISO14001 Standard will have on both those organisations that have robust EMSs already and also on those that could be looking to gain certification for the first time. Finally, we will look at the International landscape for ISO14001 and what issues multinationals face in using ISO14001 certifications at their sites globally to manage their environmental and sustainability programs.

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