Smarter Guidance: webinar on plans for waste guidance

20th December 2013

The Smarter Guidance Team gave a brief webinar on plans for reforming waste guidance as part of a wider project to reform environmental guidance.

The plans which were published on the 19th December 2013 set out what waste guidance the government envisages on GOV.UK in the future and what will be archived. The webinar talked you through the plans and how you can give feedback about what guidance is needed from the government.

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Focus on the Resources & Waste Strategy for England: Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging / Consistency in Business Recycling

In this session we provided an overview of the impact on business of recent UK policy proposals connected to extended producer responsibility for packaging and measures to support consistency in business recycling in England. By joining the session attendees will gain case study examples and best practices to replicate in their own organisations.

13th July 2021

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It is 40 years since the UNECE published the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). Although applying the CLRTAP has achieved a great deal, air pollution is still a challenge. Therefore this webinar describes the factors that led to the CLRTAP, its many successes, and why we still need further reductions in emissions.

2nd October 2019

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This webinar will give you an overview of the legal controls that currently apply to air quality in England and an overview of the Government’s latest Air Quality Strategy, alongside a summary of recent air quality focused legal cases (including planning cases).

20th June 2019

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The webinar introduces the progress in developing Low Emission Zone (LEZ) legislation in Scotland via the Transport (Scotland) Bill.

14th June 2019

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In this session, we’ll discuss the challenge of Air Quality and how we can inspire change for the better.

5th June 2019

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The Resources & Waste Strategy introduce a shift of focus from site-based reforms to the waste supply chain, to stop the waste getting to the illegal sites in the first place. This includes carriers, brokers, dealers regime reform and duty of care reform, including electronic waste tracking. This webinar explores what has already been done, obtains an overview of these reforms and assesses how these changes could impact industry stakeholders. It is perfect for you if you work in sustainability, environmental management and wish to accelerate more resource effective practices throughout your organisation.

13th May 2019

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We're all on the move so often, but did you know that only around 3% of drinks packaging is collected for recycling? Looking to overcome this issue, the government published its long-awaited Resources and Waste Strategy for England last December. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the impacts of a deposit return scheme.

16th April 2019

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Scientists have been aware of the impact of air pollution as far back as the seventeenth century. Now that more of us live in cities, we are closer than ever to pollution sources, and the detrimental impact on the environment and our health has reached crisis point. In this IEMA Book Club, we’ll discuss The Invisible Killer by Gary Fuller.

5th April 2019

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