SiLC scheme: Promoting regulatory and commercial confidence in Brownfield risk management and reporting

14th September 2020

The webinar provides practical insights into how the Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) scheme and the National Quality Mark improves the regulatory and commercial confidence, and efficient management of land contamination in the Brownfield development sector.

Historic contaminative land uses leave a legacy often presenting a risk to human health and the environment. Inconsistent approaches to site work, both in quality and timing and poor document sets have in a number of cases, led to considerable delays and additional costs in projects.

Our webinar covered:

• An overview of the SiLC scheme;

• An understanding of how the scheme and quality mark improve industry standards and promote efficient progress through planning;

• The requirements and benefits in becoming a member of SiLC.

Speakers included:

- Shaun Grey, Deputy Chief Environment and Safety Officer in Strategic Command, Ministry of Defence, IEMA Technical Representative on SiLC SiLC Professional and Technical Panel (PTP);

- Jo Strange, Technical Director, CGL;

- Roger Clark: Independent consultant, Chair of the SiLC Board, Representative of the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists on the SiLC PTP.

This session is for those environment and sustainability professionals involved in pollution control and prevention, environmental risk management, planning, and those supporting the development of sustainable communities.

This webinar counts for 1 hour of CPD, so don’t forget to add it to your IEMA CPD Portal. This can be accessed through your member account on


SiLC scheme: Promoting regulatory and commercial confidence in Brownfield risk management and reporting - IEMA Webinar slides - CLICK HERE

SiLC Webinar presentation - S, Grey, SiLC - CLICK HERE

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