Pledge to Net Zero: A Guide to Setting a Science-based Target

23rd April 2020

This webinar will put the spotlight on three organisations who have made the Pledge to Net Zero. Learn why the initiative matters to them and steps they have already taken to reduce their emissions and set science-based targets.

We are in a Climate and Environmental Emergency. The UK Government has committed to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050 and the environmental sector must take a leadership role in delivering this transition to a net zero carbon economy.

This is where Pledge to Net Zero comes in, the first industry commitment in the UK requiring science-based targets from its signatories to tackle greenhouse gas emissions within their organisations.

Our hugely successful first webinar, A Guide to Pledging, provided a clear overview of how to make the pledge.

For our second webinar we put the spotlight on three organisations who have made the pledge – exploring why the initiative matters to them and steps they have already taken to reduce their emissions and set science-based targets.

So whether you have not yet made the pledge or are looking to gain insight in advance of confirming your first science-based target in May*, this webinar is for you.

Special insight is kindly provided by AECOM, LUC (Land Use Consultants Limited) and Tony Gee and Partners LLP.

* as part of the pledge requirements


Pledge to Net-Zero - A guide to setting a Science Based Target Webinar Slides, N, Blyth, Policy & Engagement Lead, IEMA - CLICK HERE

Science Based Targets - R, Burrows Sustainability Manager, AECOM - CLICK HERE

Net-Zero Carbon Pledge Journey and Observations - J, Hague, LUC - CLICK HERE

Tony Gee: Pledge Net Zero - N, Cropp, Sustainability Director, Tony Gee - CLICK HERE

Webinar Q and A's- CLICK HERE

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