Launch Webinar: IEMA Guidelines for Environmental Noise Impact Assesment 2014

5th October 2014

IEMA's new Guidelines on Environmental Noise Impact Assessment set out key principles and advice on how to effectively integrate noise impacts and effects into the consenting process of all types of development, from EIA to smaller scale projects.

This free launch webinar introduced the Guideline's purpose, structure and key messages. By listening to this recording, you will better understand good practice approaches to establishing the noise baseline, selecting an appropriate assessment methodology and also gain advice on both when and how to evaluate significance.

With noise impacts included in over 90% of UK EIAs, and a key planning issue for many smaller developments, this is a webinar not to be missed.

If you want to pre-order copies of IEMA's Guidelines for Environmental Noise Impact Assessment (£50), please email [email protected]

Guidelines for Environmental Noise Impact Assessment 2014 Presentation Slides

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