Economic Value of Ecosystem Services

26th May 2015

This webinar will introduce recent land use change economic valuation work (WPR3) within the National Ecosystem Assessment ‘Follow On’ projects of 2013-14 (UKNEAFO).
The webinar will conclude with connection (and brief introduction) to the Natural Capital Committee’s 2015 (Third) State of Natural Capital Report.

The land use change model assesses consequences of applying policies at any location and time across the UK and can identify where the application of policy yields the highest net benefits (either in market price terms or a wider notion of value to society) from an ensemble of ecosystem services. Related work includes a programmed system that links a series of modules together to assess both the drivers and consequences of land use change. A case study, relevant to recent policy questions, examines the potential for establishing new forests in England, Scotland and Wales (this analysis, was prompted by government announcements of the intention to expand forestry in all three countries and considers the impact of any land use change across various systems: agriculture, timber, water quality, greenhouse gases, recreation and biodiversity).

Note on webinar - This session is not directly updating on new (in practice) developments but is instead an introduction to leading and developmental work which has potential implications for future strategic level decision making on natural capital and land use. As such although described as ‘introduction to’ its main interest will be to members interested in leading edge developments in natural capital and ecosystem services.

Presenter – Professor Ian Bateman, UEA
Host – Nick Blyth, IEMA

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