Corporate Sustainability: Making the choice for Ethical Resilience

22nd September 2020

Ethical resilience planning offers a framing for strategy and business survival in an increasingly volatile world. Inder Poonaji FIEMA has championed the approach, describing ethical resilience as a morally conscious decision-making process that applies a precautionary approach to ethics, sustainability, and resilience, to build spare capacity and redundancy for people and nature, by governments or organisations, to deal with shock events.

In this webinar, Inder reviewed definitions and examples, framed on aspects of the economy, equity, and ecosystem in the Covid19 era.

Inder was joined by Sanjeev Raghubir Group Sustainability Manager who provided a case study and a business leadership reflection from his own work with Shoprite Holding South Africa, and Nick Blyth, IEMA Policy Lead.

The session included a panel discussion and audience questions, exploring ethical resilience, both in theory and in practice.

During this session attendees gained:

• An introduction to the developing concept of ethical resilience as an approach to supporting organisational strategies and corporate sustainability

• A leading business-based perspective on sustainability challenges and the value of an ethical resilient approach

This webinar counts for 1 hour of CPD, so don’t forget to add it to your IEMA CPD Portal. This can be accessed through your member account on


Corporate Sustainability: Making the choice for Ethical Resilience Webinar slides I, Poonaji, S, Raghubir, N, Blyth, K, Peck and S, Clubb - CLICK HERE

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