Aspects, Impacts and their Significance

12th November 2013

Continuing IEMA's Environmental Management series of webinars, this session will be looking at the process of identifying an organisation's aspects, the related impacts and the evaluation of their significance. This process is fundamental to building an effective EMS as you need to understand how your organisation impacts the environment before you can look to manage it. Further to this, where resources are constrained (and this will nearly always be the case) areas for improvement will need to prioritised and so identifying the most significant impacts is essential.

This webinar will take members through this process and using examples, illustrate how to identify and organisations aspects and impacts and the approaches which can be taken for evaluating the significance of these.

This webinar is primarily pitched for those at the Operational and Entry levels of the IEMA Skills Map; however higher levels who are looking to refresh their knowledge in this are will also benefit.

Aspects, Impacts & their Significances webinar

Anya Ledwith, Environmental & carbon management consultant, discusses Aspects, Impacts and their Significance

Paul Burr, Director at EnviAble, discusses Identifying Environmental Aspects and Impacts

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