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What we do

IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. We are responsible for ensuring that people working on the front line in these areas have the right knowledge, competencies, skills and confidence to do a professional job. We also help and support businesses, governments and regulators to do the right thing when it comes to environment and sustainability related initiatives, challenges and opportunities.

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Our members-only magazine is packed full of articles with the potential to influence policy and elicit environment and sustainability debate, whilst allowing you to broaden your knowledge and awareness of the environment, economy and society.

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Highlights from IEMA

COP26 Webinar HH

In the build-up to COP26, we're hosting weekly webinars on critical COP themes: climate change, climate security and risk, sustainable finance and the role of nature, starting on 7 Oct and featuring special guest speakers.

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The Oct/Nov issue of TRANSFORM is out now! We discuss the rising tide of cybercrime, speak with Sir David King about his career and COP26, hear from IEMA's Abi Simmons on GenZ's take on all things climate and much more!

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Ming jun tan o6 IC Dlt5 2k unsplash 1

IEMA Head of Policy Ben Goodwin discusses the Government publishing its long-awaited net zero strategy ahead of COP26, setting out the how the UK can achieve its 2050 net zero GHG emissions target.

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HH Outlook V11

The eleventh edition of the Impact Assessment Outlook Journal is out now and is a collaboration between IEMA and the Landscape Institute, providing a series of thought pieces on landscape and visual impact assessment.

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