Practitioners' survey 2016 - qualifications, roles and job satisfaction

10th March 2016

Survey results on qualifications, roles and job satisfaction provide a snapshot of a profession.

The IEMA skills map outlines the broad roles that environment and sustainability professionals perform in organisations, from graduate or entry level to those in operational or specialist roles (pract

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IEMA Connect 2022

Registration is now open for this year’s IEMA Connect event – what can attendees expect?

21st July 2022

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The climate emergency and increasing use of targets such as net zero have moved many IEMA members’ work away from incremental climate change mitigation and towards transformative change. However, we need a twofold approach that encompasses both mitigation and adaptation.

20th July 2022

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The UK will have to train up to 6,000 new heat pump engineers annually over the next six years if it is to meet its environmental targets, research suggests.

7th July 2022

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At the end of March, our longstanding colleague Nick Blyth departed IEMA to take up the role of senior environment manager at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

26th May 2022

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IEMA and Deloitte have today published a new report outlining how organisations can accelerate the development of green skills across the UK's workforce.

28th April 2022

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The UK government has today unveiled a new strategy detailing how the country's education sector will become a “world leader in climate change” by 2030.

21st April 2022

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The global energy transition could widen the gender employment gap if nothing is done to improve female representation across three key sectors, new analysis suggests.

24th March 2022

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