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Issue 114 includes the usual news, interviews, briefings, IEMA updates and these fascinating features.

  • Greenest government ever?

    Business groups and environmentalists provide a first-year assessment of the coalition government and its aim to be the greenest government ever
  • Fracking: in search of gas

    John Barwise looks at the exploitation of shale gas reserves to see whether it provides a vital new energy source or risks potential environmental disaster
  • Do we need nuclear power?

    The stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has put a question mark against a renaissance for nuclear power. Two experts give their opinions
  • BAM builds a smart report

    the environmentalist reports on how construction company BAM UK developed its bespoke online environmental reporting tool
  • 32 Future-proof procurement

    Sustainability is increasingly important when making purchasing decisions. Mark Whitman outlines an integrated approach to sustainable procurement
  • 32 EIA and 'end products'

    Stephen Tromans QC says that recent UK and EU case law may mark a new chapter in environmental impact assessment law and practice

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Issue 114 May 2011 the environmentalist