This Impact Assessment Network webinar looked at the development of the IEMA response to the Government White Paper - Planning for the Future (England only).

This proposes radical planning reform including moving to a zonal based planning system. The White Paper also proposes the removal of Sustainability Appraisal and identifies the need for reform of both the application of SEA and the Regulations around EIA as part of the changes.

This webinar explored how moving to a zonal based system may affect SEA and EIA and consider what future reform of environmental assessment in England's planning system could involve. The purpose of the session was to explain how IEMA is responding to the White Paper and provide an opportunity for members to comment before the response is finalised.

Presenters include:

Rufus Howard (IEMA IA Lead)

Josh Fothergill (Fothergill Training & Consulting)

Simon White (Jacobs)


Government consultation on ‘Planning for the Future' Webinar slides - R, Howard IEMA & J, Fothergill Fothergill Training & Consulting - CLICK HERE