Infrastructure underpins the fabric of society. It must be fit for the future if we are to make the transition to a sustainable future.

From heightened supply chains risks to extensive environmental implications, and the development of a resilient and adaptive network, there are numerous drivers for making this transition within road infrastructure projects.

Join us during this webinar we looked at an overview of:

- The opportunities and challenges in adopting a circular approach to road infrastructure projects;

- Concrete examples of successful projects;

- Recommendations on how to make this transition, including the design of CE route maps.


  • David Smith (FIEMA), Technical Director for Business Sustainability, AECOM;
  • Colin Holm, Senior Technical Advisor in Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Highways England.

*This webinar counts for 1 hour of CPD, so don’t forget to add it to your IEMA CPD Portal.


Circular economy in practice: How to integrate CE principles into road infrastructure projects - Webinar slides - CLICK HERE

Integration of Circular Economy principles into road infrastructure projects, D, Smith, AECOM & C, Holm, Highways England - CLICK HERE

Webinar Q and A's

To view the questions and answers that were discussed during this webinar CLICK HERE